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Re-Stór: Business story, strategy & staying sane in the digital revolution

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Rathmullan House


F92 YA0F Rathmullan


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Isn’t it time we recovered the heart and soul in our businesses?

While we all rightly want to grow revenue and increase sales, we also need to restore balance and build community.

We have the combined responsibility, now more than ever, to build community and to give back, to make the world a better place.


We are Sally Murphy and Shane Breslin, business owners and entrepreneurs. We work with people in the area of digital, storytelling, marketing and communications.

Do you feel that:

  • Being in business in today’s internet-driven world presents opportunities like never before. This feels liberating and exciting!

  • But - it increasingly feels pressurised, bewildering and more than ever, isolating.

If so, you are not alone.

Doubtless technology has improved many things about our lives and the way we do business. But it has also brought with it some serious pressure. We feel a sense of there being nowhere to hide from the demands to work longer, faster and harder.

Our lives are extremely busy, throwing a confusing combination of opportunity and overwhelm our way, every day.

It’s exhausting at times.

The evidence suggests that things aren't getting better, they are, in fact, getting worse. Mental health and workplace wellness are some of the hottest topics of our day. Burnout, stress, depression, anxiety are all increasing at alarming rates.

We need help navigating this world we find ourselves in so that we can do better business and be happier. The great news is that help has just arrived!

Welcome to Re-Stór, a workshop on strategy, storytelling and staying sane in the digital revolution.


  • Re-Stór is for entrepreneurs, business owners, MDs and marketers who know that digital presents huge opportunities for their businesses to succeed at a high level.
  • Re-Stór is for business people who get that the new norms of the Internet means they'll be compared with the best in the world. This might make them a little nervous but happy to rise to that challenge.
  • Re-Stór is for people with vision, energy and integrity, who know the value in sharing space with like-minded people for a day of diving deep into their business.

Re-Stór can help transform the way you think about the world. It has been designed to show you how to not only to survive but to prosper, while building the business and life of your dreams.

Re-Stór is a different type of business event, one with all the practical tools and teachings you'd expect, but inserting a distinct look at the whole. We value wellness of mind, body and soul as well as of our bottom line, and we suspect there are many business owners, managers, marketers and entrepreneurs who are just like us.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in then we'd love to see you!

Rathmullan House, Donegal on Saturday 09th November.


We are delighted to announce that Conor Devine will be our guest speaker for this event. Originally from Cookstown, County Tyrone and now based in Belfast, Conor is an entrepreneur, investor, author, plant-based wholefood Ironman triathlete and Multiple Sclerosis Survivor.

A Chartered Surveyor by profession, he is a passionate entrepreneur and the owner of a number of business interests including a funding and debt advisory practice in Belfast. He is also an investor in a number of other entities, including the Green Energy Sector.

He has strong views on people becoming financially literate in their lives as throughout his 20 year business journey he has witnessed how most people don’t understand money and finance.

The principal topic of his session will be focused on health - how we think about our physical and mental health and how that relates on an intrinsic level to our financial health and business success.

We will explore topics like:

  • A reality check for the next twelve months. What's going on in business and communications now? How did we get here? And where should we go next?!

  • How to build deep relationships with a real community that truly supports you, all via your computer or smartphone

  • How to grab the OPPORTUNITY offered without falling victim to the OVERWHELM

  • How to be successful in the face of huge digital disruption, and still stay sane

  • How to build and execute a digital communications strategy that allows you to focus on the most important stuff and, most importantly, leave the rest

  • How to tell your story with deep integrity in a way that resonates


The story of our event began on a phone call. We’d known each-other for a couple of years and as single-person business owners we would check in occasionally, catching up, offering a sounding board to the things we were working on.

That particular conversation between us became a pivot.

We realised we were coming up against exactly the same things, both for our own businesses and for the clients we worked with every day!

From social media to search, from web development to content creation, from apps to chatbots, from email marketing to funnels, and everything in between!

We got to thinking...

Were there other people who felt like us?

Have other entrepreneurs, business owners, managing directors and marketers become jaded and even suspicious of the patterns of so much of digital marketing in 2019? Was it possible to run and grow a business that was profitable and sustainable, without threatening our sanity?

We decided to find out, by creating a new business workshop where we could share our knowledge, skills and honesty with other business owners and managers.

And so Re-Stór was born.


The team behind Re-Stór bring significant professional expertise in business communications and marketing, spanning two decades and multiple industries, from media and nonprofit to corporate and local government.

We're deeply motivated to share the true personal experiences that have brought us to this point, happily self-employed, devoted to integrity and collaborating on our very first event.

We know that so many things about the digital world feel confusing and sometimes even threatening, but we also know that the same technology offers us incredible opportunities—once we can slow down a little and act from a place of intention, integrity and heart.

Our goal is that you will walk away from this day feeling nourished, like you’ve learned something worthwhile, got great value for money and made connections that will support you

See you in Donegal this November!

Sally & Shane

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Date and Time


Rathmullan House


F92 YA0F Rathmullan


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