Social Communication Therapy Parent/Teacher Training  EARLY INTERVENTION

Social Communication Therapy Parent/Teacher Training EARLY INTERVENTION

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PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS FOR PARENTS & PROFESSIONALS to help children & adults with ASD and related conditions who are 0-22 years old

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When: September 26 - 30 @ 4.00 - 5.30pm GMT

(7,5h course time + min 5h practice time + optional 1-1 online supervision/coaching)

Mark your calendars from the 19th till 30th September to join all 11 online courses and get certificates of course completions to verify your skills and knowledge as a teacher, a therapist, an SNA or a parent!

A must-do course for early intervention! - to find out how to deliver step-by-step play-based ABA naturalistic social communication therapy, simply register by paying EUR 399 + eventbrite / paypal fee per person.

Pay EUR 385 as the Early Bird fee by September 12 and get savings! See the additional savings for Premium & Professional registrations.

This online parent and professional training is one of 15 online inter-related classes scheduled from September 19 to September 30.

Social Communication Therapy Training takes place online from the 25th till the 30th September 2022, 4pm - 5.30pm GMT.

Young children with autism and speech delay present with the social communication difficulties being one of the core deficits in autism. They need intensive stimulation in a naturalistic environment as well as in a clinical setting that is provided by a trained parent/guardian or an early interventionist. With the right intervention as early and as intensive as possible, children can make significant developmental gains in the area of social communication, social engagement, play skills, language & communication - the areas that are a precursor for the future successes in social & emotional development. To meet the needs of the young children aged from birth to the age of 6, the Social Communication therapy training has been developed.


1 - After learning effective ways to help your child with ASD, your feelings of competence and optimism about your child’s future will increase

2- You will learn how to set higher expectations for your child

3- After being more competent in helping your child effectively, your stress level will decrease and you will find more time for leisure and recreation

4- Your child will get more hours of therapy, what means greater outcomes

5- You will learn to use the daily situations to teach ‘’spontaneously’’ what will help your child to better generalize the skills, as opposed to him/her learning those skills only with specialists.

This online programme can be highly successful for parents in helping their children develop social communication skills and use them spontaneously, once parents stick to the guidance and carry out the gradual steps using the right techniques at the right time.

This online training on How To Deliver Social Communication Therapy as Early Intervention is divided into 5 ninety minute blocks in 5 days, to allow for the most effective use of the training time while having your questions answered by a an expert SEN teacher who is an ASD therapist, an ASD education & behaviour consultant and a mother of an ASD child.

This training is for you if you want to get important knowledge on how to shape your practical teaching skills. Additional questions you may have can be addressed via email, a live chat during the course or during your 1-1 online consultations. During your online training on How To Deliver Social Communication Therapy as Early Intervention to young ASD Learners, you will find out about:

Importance of developing social communication skills from the early age - 0-6 years of age

How to gradually implement very useful techniques in a naturalistic setting that will boost your child's social engagement, play skills, imitative play, language and communication - the crucial skills throughout the life span and what disadvantage it is if the child's social communication skills are not addressed at the early stages

​Each session builds on a previous one to form a comprehensive program in how to deliver early intervention therapy for your child or students aged 0-6 years old who present with autism or speech delay.

Detailed course programme:

Part 1

September 26 - Day 1 - Part 1 and 2 - Introduction to the programme / Social Communication Development / Set up Your Home for Success

September 27 - Day 2 - Part 3 and 4 - Follow Your Child's Lead / Adjust Your Communication

September 28 .- Day 3 - Part 5 and 6 - Make Play Interactive / Teach Initiation and Language

September 29 - Day 4 - Part 7 and 8 - Expand Language / Teach Imitative Play

September 30 - Day 5 - Part 9 and 10 .- Expand Skills / Expand Motivation to Communicate

Techniques taught: interactive techniques I direct teaching techniques I lead following techniques I imitation techniques I animation techniques I language adjustment techniques I communicative temptations techniques I playful obstruction techniques I balanced turns techniques I modeling techniques I language expansion techniques.

Q & A

Optionally, Part 2

This is a separate online service that needs to be booked separately. Online consultations on how to implement any selected special needs curriculum to improve your ASD learner's specific skills at home or in school/ clinic, based on his unique developmental profile and on your teaching style.

What sets our training courses apart from other training providers:

5 ninety minute blocks for 5 days of LIVE training - this practical training mode allows you to get practical knowledge and useful skills in the application of a few evidence-based practices to use in the activities

The experienced trainer – the online course is delivered by the experienced therapist who will explain how to combine a few evidence-based methods in the most effective way to target multiple areas

A course completion certificate to confirm your competencies and skills as part of your CPD.

Benefits of participation in the online course:

the easy access - what you need is the access to your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone that is connected to the internet and a downloaded zoom app

safety - in the current challenging times we ensure your participation in this online meaningful course without any risk of Covid infection

comfort - you can access this meaningful online course from the comfort of your home or office in any place and without travelling

a modern way of mastering practical skills as real-time training - the course is delivered in a customer friendly and modern mode by using a professional live streaming platform

time and money savings - online training is much more economical for you, as opposed to the on-site training. Besides, you do not need to take time off or travel for training as it's scheduled in the evening time for the easiest access

live training - this course is delivered in a real-time mode, thanks to which participants can see and hear the facilitator and can access the presentation and training materials in real time

real-time communication with the facilitator - participants can communicate with the facilitator via live chat and ask questions during the training

a certificate - we guarantee the CPD certificate as a separate order to confirm your course participation which you may need in your professional role.


This training is available in A STANDARD, PREMIUM or PROFESSIONAL version.STANDARD VERSION - a 5-day course with 1,5h online course and 1 hour daily of your work with your child or client as engaging structured play activities.

The fee for the Standard registration is EUR 399.The early bird fee for the standard registration with payment by September 12 is EUR 385.

If you order a PREMIUM VERSION, you will receive registration in 10 inter-connected online classes to teach related skills to special needs learners who are 0-22 years old. Please view the course schedule:

September 19 - School Readiness Skills, 3pm - 4.30pm GMT

September 19 - Motor Skills, 5.00pm - 6.30pm GMT

September 20 - Pre-Academic Skills, 3 - 4.30pm GMT

September 20 - Daily Living Skills, 5 - 6.30pm GMT

September 21 - Social Emotional Skills, 3 - 4.30pm GMT

September 21 - Receptive Language, 5 - 6.30pm GMT

September 22 - Expressive Language, 3 - 4.30pm GMT

September 22 - Play & Leisure Skills, 5 - 6.30pm GMT

September 23 - Inclusion Skills, 3 - 4.30pm GMT

September 23 - Transition Skills, 5 -6.30pm GMT.

The Premium fee for 10 online courses scheduled above with the CPD course completion certificate is EUR 590 + eventbrite fee. (it's EUR 59 per course).

The Early Bird Premium fee for registrations with payments by September 12 is EUR 520 + eventbrite fee. (it's EUR 52 per course).

Save EUR 70 and register as a Premium participant by September 12!

After your payment reaches our account, we will email you invitation links to our online course platform.If you order a PROFESSIONAL VERSION, you will receive registration in 15 inter-connected online classes to know how to effectively teach related skills in 11 areas of human development: 10 online courses that are presented above as the PREMIUM registration plus a 5-day real-time online course in the Early Intervention called A STEP-BY-STEP THERAPY GUIDE on How to Deliver Social Communication Therapy Training which is scheduled as follows:

11. September 26 - How to Deliver Social Communication Therapy as Early Intervention - Part 1 & 2 - 4-5.30pm GMT

12. September 27 - How to Deliver Social Communication Therapy as Early Intervention - Part 3 & 4 - 4-5.30pm GMT

13. September 28 - How to Deliver Social Communication Therapy as Early Intervention - Part 5 & 6 - 4-5.30pm GMT

14. September 29 - How to Deliver Social Communication Therapy as Early Intervention - Part 7 & 8 - 4-5.30pm GMT

15. September 30 - How to Deliver Social Communication Therapy as Early Intervention - Part 9 & 10 - 4-5.30pm GMT.

The Professional registration fee for 15 online classes / 11 courses with a CPD course completion certificate is EUR 989 + eventbrite fee. (it's EUR 590 for 10 courses plus EUR 399 for a 5-day social communication therapy course)

The Early Bird registration fee applies to Professional registrants who made a payment by September 12.

The fee for 15 online classes / 11 courses with a CPD completion certificate is EUR 905 + eventbrite fee. (it's EUR 520 for 10 courses plus EUR 385 for a 5-day social communication therapy course)

Save EUR 84 by registering as a Professional participant by September 12!

After your payment reaches our account, we will email you invitation links to our online course platform.

This specialised series of parent and professional trainings is a reply to a few aspects in 2022:

constantly increasing number of children diagnosed with autism and other neurological challenges

an overwhelming lack of appropriate services for SEN learners

lack of appropriate training in the evidence-based practices for teachers and special needs assistants working in pre-schools, primary, post-primary and special schools across Ireland

lack of appropriate parent training to best help their children at home.

The aim of the training is to demonstrate to the course participants how important it is to be skilled at applying specialised evidence-based techniques to provide effective and targeted intervention in the classroom, the clinic centre and at home.The main goal of this training is to prepare parents and professionals to conduct a well matched and a highly complex intervention that will be inclusive of all aspects of human functioning and the child development.

Training is delivered by:

Gabriela A.Hennigan, M.A,. B.A. A Special Education Needs Teacher with 25+ years of teaching experience, incl. 7 years in SEN, registered with the Teaching Council of Ireland. Gabriela is the ASD therapist and education and behaviour consultant, trained as a Registered Behaviour Technician with the Verbal Behaviour Institute, USA, in the evidence-based practices with the Graham Porter Child Development Center, USA, in ESDM, PRT, RDI, Floortime, Hanen, RMTi, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Multisensory Therapy, Brain Gym and FST. In 2016-17, Gabriela held a position of the Executive Assistant at Autism Research Institute, USA where she got first-hand knowledge on the most effective treatment methods for autism.

In 2017- 19, Gabriela was the owner and the lead ASD therapist at the Integrative Therapies Centre for Autism Ireland, Ltd. As the ASD consultant since 2019, Gabriela has been delivering online services for parents, professionals and teletherapy for children and teenagers. She currently delivers online parent and professional training as CPD courses in implementing special needs curricula for SEN learners aged 0-22 years of age, in the integrated model of educational and therapeutic evidence-based methods used at home and work with children and adults at any level of functioning and intellectual potential.

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