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Success In Doing FREE EVENT with Pat Slattery & Donna Kennedy

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Hilton Dublin Airport

Malahide Road

Northern Cross


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The objective of Success In Doing is to allow attendees to mix and network with likeminded individuals that are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve whatever it is that they desire

Everyone knows now that in order for things that you desire to happen then you are going to have to take specific action

Sometimes when life gets in the way it becomes difficult for people to think and therefore act on what it is they want to achieve in their life and business

Pat & Donna both understand this and really do get it, So their intention at this FREE WORKSHOP is to deliver great content and share some simple tips that will maybe get you thinking a little differently and maybe inspire you a little into taking some actions that will allow you realise your goal

Whatever it is if it is big enough and you are bold enough to dream, If you are intentional and deliberate about it you will make it happen

Sometimes things happen even when we are not aware almost as if they happen naturally

Productivity is always intentional and deliberate,

Once you decide what it is that you want and you choose to build it everyday you are being intentional and deliberate, it does not happen by luck

Every single day if you wake up and do a little then someday your gonna wake up and your dreams are going to be a reality

You cant just say you want it, you cant just look at a video or read a book and say I want it.

You have to show up, you have got to do something everyday that shows you want it, even if you don’t feel like it




Pat Slattery is no ordinary speaker or coach, leaving school at 14yrs old he began working in the hotel industry, at 15 years old Pat began working in the security industry, by having an incredibly positive attitude and outstanding work ethic along with his determination to give 100% to everything he does, Pat went on to build his security business to a point where it turned over €25,000,000, he has successfully brought other companies to the level where they have generated millions of euro.

Pats talks come straight from the heart, the ups and downs of business and life experiences, Pat gives practical information that he has applied himself that has driven him to the successes he has achieved in his life and business.

Pat has studied, researched, written and spoken for 20 years in the fields of Business and Personal Developement

He has written and produced audio and video learning programs that have been used by thousands of individuals and companies.

He speaks to corporate and public audiences on the subjects of Personal and Professional Development, including the executives and staff of many of many large companies and organisations.

His exciting talks and seminars on Leadership, Selling, Self-Esteem, Goals, Strategy, Creativity, Change and Success Psychology bring about immediate changes and long-term results.

Pat has owned and partnered in many different businesses in many different industries

His companies have generated millions of euros for both Pat and his partners

He has mentored thousands of people across many different types of businesses

Pat is known internationally as a business strategist and has facilitated growth in many companies and entrepreneurs that has brought their life and business to extraordinary levels.

What Others Say About Pat

“When it comes to change, Pat knows what he is talking about, he really knows his stuff. The Man is a Genius” - Bob Proctor

“Pat knows the answers. Take heed” - Brian Tracy

“Pat is one of Irelands leading motivational and inspirational leaders and speakers. He has spoken at our large Powerteam Personal Development Seminars and we got a great reaction to his delivery. Pat has the ability to move you emotionally with total heart and soul, to step up in business and in life and follow your dream.”

tJames Martin, Owner & Lead Trainer, TeamLife Training

“Pat is a fantastic speaker and mentor. His presentations are motivating, inspirational and he has the real experience to back it up. I have heard Pat speak on a wide range of topics and each time, there was always something new, value that I could use. Even when speaking to a large group, Pat seems to be speaking to you personally.

Pat is a powerful, passionate and persuasive speaker, and his ability to ignite any audience into action is remarkable. It makes him one of the most exciting, relevant and memorable speakers in the world.

Pat is dedicated to helping and inspiring others to be the best that they can be. He has a fantastic ability to inspire and motivate others in the areas of personal or business development. Working with Pat equals outstanding results.”

Ann McIndoo, Author and CEO, So, You Want to Write

“Pat is a very genuine person and is a fantastic motivational speaker. I listened to pat speak at a couple of seminars and he has you up and out of your seat, ready and willing to shake up your life and make the changes you need to make a difference in your personal & business life. Thanks Pat, keep up the good work!” Phil Carew

“Pat Slattery is one of the most inspirational men I know. Pat speaks from the heart with a belief in self-improvement and self-worth that inspires people that come in contact with him. Pat always has a smile on his face and his positive outlook on life in infectious. “Anne Byrnes Cari Foundation


Donna Kennedy is a three-time bestselling author, with The Confidence to Succeed being her most recent release. She is a qualified psychologist, life coach, business coach and mentor. Her academic work has been published nationally and internationally by various faculties, including The American Journal of Psychology and The Irish Psychological Record. She has been endorsed by world leading organisations and has worked with many personal development leaders, including Bob Proctor (The Secret), Mark Victor-Hansen (Chicken Soup for The Soul), Brian Tracy (CEO of Brian Tracy International and bestselling author of 77 books), Sharon Lechter (Think and Grow Rich for Women and Rich Dad, Poor Dad), Lorel Langemier (The Secret), Anthony Robbins Foundation etc. Donna regularly features in national and international media as an expert in the areas of personal and business development and several large organisations have used her material to market products and train staff.

Donna’s life today is one of happiness, health and success. However, it wasn’t always that way. At one point in her life her confidence was so low that she was afraid to cross the street on her own, as a result of several challenges. Incredibly, despite the challenges Donna endured, she has gone on to become what she is today and now she teaches people all over the world how to do the same.

Having learned from some of the world's greatest achievers, at age 23 she bought her first investment property and at age 28 she created her first company, turning over a €1,000,000 in the first year. Year-on-year she has gone from strength to strength and is impacting people worldwide with her fresh and unique approach. If you want better results in your life and business, pay attention to what this lady teaches.

What others say about Donna

“Listen to this girl, she knows what she’s talking about!” - Bob Proctor (best-selling author and teacher in The Secret)

“You’re going to thank me in your prayers for recommending her to you.” - Mark-Victor-Hansen (Chicken Soup for the Soul book series)

“I am privileged to speak with such a great speaker as Donna Kennedy - Brian Tracy (bestselling author of 77 books)

"Donna is an extraordinary woman, an inspiration" - Pat Kenny, TV and Radio broadcaster

Date and Time


Hilton Dublin Airport

Malahide Road

Northern Cross


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