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Tangible Ambassador's Handbook Launch

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New York

New York, NY

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Tangible Ambassador's Handbook

The purpose of the Ambassador Handbook is to have a ready guide for business and civic leaders who embrace or seek to embrace the Tangible approach. The Handbook will include some leadership insights, some tools and techniques, some inspiration and some real life ‘tangible’ examples. Primarily the book will be written and edited by Raymond Sexton with input from a range of Tangible Enthusiasts, some working generally and others on specific areas of interest from around the island of Ireland and around the world.

Primarily the book will be a mechanism to capture the progress to date of over 70 leadership seminars, the knowledge gained in dealing with hundreds of business and civic initiatives at home and overseas and provide a vision for the growth of the tangible movement.

Draft Contents List:

  • Vision & Values
  • Priorities
  • Land versus Spirit
  • Diaspora
  • Education
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Tangible Leadership
  • Being an Ambassador
  • Art, Science & Bull
  • A Code of Intent, Not Just Procedures
  • Scouting for Adults
  • Civic Engagement
  • Providing the Mortar
  • It’s not my job to………..
  • Common Good
  • Belief without Evidence
  • Keeping Score
  • Looking Forward
  • Is What more important than How?
  • Dependency Culture
  • Institutionalised
  • Locus of Control
  • Get Off It, Get on with it!
  • Heroes: Sirolli, Lou Tice, Gitomer, Parnell etc.

The writing process will involve a number of techniques including:

  • face to face interviews with about 20 to 30 Tangible enthusiasts selected on a subjective basis as seen by the team as manifesting the essence of tangibility

  • use of collaboration software facilitated by possibly Jason Hier using Smartcloud

  • a few writing/editing workshops with a selected group of 3 to 4 co-conspirators

  • final review, reflection and editing


Raymond Sexton, Champion

Other contributions will be by invitation only.


A well designed manageable in size robust handbook using picture and diagrams to enhance.

Publication would have between 200 and 300 pages. Book will retail at about €15.00 to €25.00 based on pre-orders or sponsorship.

Alternatively we could seek a commitment from 100 to 200 individuals for €100.00 resulting in a fund of €10,000 to €20,000.

Open to suggestions here.


My dream would be to launch the Tangible Ambassador's Handbook in New York, my favourite city and 'Da Real capital of Ireland! Venue TBA.


Target Date for Publication 3rd May 2018


With encouragement and some financial support I will endeavour to deliver this work on Time, within Budget and to the highest Quality through my own efforts and through marshalling the wisdom and insights of multiple Tangible enthusiasts.

We'll be writing! Beimid ag scriobh!

Raymond Sexton


Tangible Ireland & Tangible-your global partner


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Date and Time


New York

New York, NY

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