The Astrocartography of your Moon lines

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The Astrocartography of your Moon lines

The Moon in our natal chart represents emotions & our vocation. Our Moon lines in astrocartography help us manifest both!

By Martha Clarke Astrology

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Tuesday, March 28 · 10 - 11am PDT



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  • 1 hour
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Our natal Moon represents our emotions and how we nurture both ourselves and others. What most people don't know is that the Moon also represents what and where our true vocation lies. We are often persuaded by our parents, society or our immediate environment into a vocation that does not actually truly nourish us.

Moving to a part of the world where our Moon moves to a different astrological house or where we are closer to a more supportive Moon line can help us truly feel nourished and supported.

Find out more in this one free webinar!

No prior astrological knowledge required. Q and A session at the end.

About the organizer

Martha Clarke is a full-time professional astrologer with a passion for astrocartography, writing, and sharing her knowledge of astrology and creativity through teaching.

Her practice is based in her native Ireland and online, after extensive periods working and travelling in Europe and the US. Her own astrological chart is Sun in Gemini, Rising Sign in Gemini. And her Mercury and Moon are in Gemini too!

She specialises in astrocartography (locational astrology) which is the art of mapping the most supportive places in the world to live and work. She also works with clients on natal charts, transit forecasts and other astrological consultations, helping them toexplore the patterns and potential in their lives, and the best ways to harness planetary energies.

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Ticket sales end soon