The Best Possible Future - An Evolution Project Dialogue event

The Best Possible Future - An Evolution Project Dialogue event

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What do we truly, actually, deeply want?

About this event

"If you could freely choose, without restriction or limit, what future would you be proud to hand on to your children? And to their children, and to the generations which follow?"

What does the best possible future look like?

What does it consist of?

What are we aiming towards?

The Evolution Project is asking these questions, over and over, compiling and organising the responses, and working to bring about the future we would be proud to hand on.

Our website presents an emergent Vision, composed of the many dreams and visions of participants. The objective is to facilitate the input of large numbers of people, everyone who wishes to take part, to create a collective vision for the future. To explore the vision and determine if it is possible. To break the task of realising the vision down into pieces of manageable size, and to bring our dreams into reality by self-distributing the tasks amongst members.

"A dream we dream alone is just a dream, but a dream we dream together becomes reality"

- John Lennon

We believe it's past time to address the many and varied issues we face, which will be passed down to our children unless something is done. We believe it is not acceptable to pass them to our children. Something must be done.

But what?

The Evolution Project is designed to take the following approach:

1. Our base-line method of interacting has an issue:

Confrontational, hierarchical, tending towards argument. Most people are not heard at all. Many discussions descend into standoffs with people of opposing views. Whatever the issue, whatever our position, this is dysfunctional and cannot logically be used to build something better. It is incoherent at the root, greatly increasing the risk of incoherence and ultimate failure if used as a foundation.

Also, many people, for many different reasons, are not ok. Something is needed which allows people to be heard, enables connection between people, especially of opposing views, enables objective discussion on issues, and allows deep investigation on a given topic.

We offer Bohmian Dialogue for this purpose, the development of acclaimed pyhsicist David Bohm. We have found and are finding that Bohm's technique, developed over many years in Dialogue with Jiddu Krisnamurti and others, is an incredibly powerful method to allow us to get 'beneath the words''.

What are we thinking? Why are we thinking it? How are we thinking it?

Using the Dialogue we speak, listen, connect as people, and form a solid base from which to move forwards. The Dialogue provides 'Constancy', an operating system at the heart of our intereactions which is simple, immutable, and often transcendent.

The Evolution Project aims to create a connected, coherent, growing, community. We recognise that these qualities are key to the future, that many factors are degrading them at present, but that this does not need to be so, and can be resolved. We believe it is possible, and desirable, to create an intermeshed network of individuals and groups, interacting coherently, continually asking what is the best we can be, adapting to new circumstances and building the world we would be proud to hand on.

2. We need a clean-slate approach to the systems we live by:

Buckminster Fuller's comment says it well:

"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something build a new system which makes the old system obsolete"

How do we do this to the satisfaction of all involved? Is it even possible?

We suggest that to do this we must hear everyone who wishes to be heard, and ask them a simple question:

" What would you like?"

We know a lot of what we don't like, but what would we put in its place? What is the best possible alternative?

We explore this question using 'Open Space' methodology to imagine what could be. We try to drop all preconceived ideas and speak what our true dreams are, our highest vision, then work from there.

What is possible? What is impossible? When we say a thing is impossible, are we sure this is so? Are we really sure? Have we examined all the information? Have we examined all the information without bias?

Can we sit with someone with whom we disagree and deeply listen to each other?

3. We need to gather and collate the content generated at events and build them into a data set.

We combine face-to-face creative work with technology via our website and social media platform to build upon each event. Our growing community can colaborate online and in further gatherings as necessary to steadily build the world we want to see. We start with the Vision, then we build data around it, asking why we might want a given thing? Why do we not have it already? What needs to happen to create it? We gather information. What is valid, what is true, what is not? We connect with people who share our vision, moving in the same direction, sharing and checking information and cooperating to realise the vision.

Ultimately, we want to harness our creative powers, our imagination, and to direct it towards creating what we want.

Magic is possible, if we want it to be. It is, after all, just words, spelled out. If we look closely at our words, at which ones we use and why, which ones we are listening to and why, we will possibly find that we can create something staggeringly beautiful, and create it quicker and more easily than we thought possible.


Arrival: From Friday evening after 19:00 for start sharp Saturday morning.

Participants: 16 people

Accommodation is included, single beds in shared rooms, for up to 16.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included for Saturday and Sunday.

Tea/coffee included.

Saturday - Bohmian Dialog

Session 1. Commences 9am

- Welcome and introduction - Paul Byrne, Founder: The Evolution Project

- Introduction to Bohmian Dialogue - Paul Mooney, Founder: Cohesion Global, CeltiCresent

- Check In

- Demonstration - The Dyad

- Tea/coffee

- Practice - Dyads

- Discussion

Break for lunch- 13.00

Session 2. Commences 2pm

- Demonstration - The Triad

- Practice - Triads

- Discussion

- Practice

- Check out

Dinner - 6pm

- Evening - Music, discussion, drinks

(Please bring an instrument if you play)


Session 3. Commences 9am

- Check in

- The Observer, the Recorder, the Bard

- Practice

- Tea/Coffee

- Harnessing the Collective

- The Dialogic Group

- Check out and The Annal

Break for lunch - 13.00

Session 4. Commences 2pm

- Open Space sessions - What is our Vision?

- The Vision Mosaic - The Emergent Vision

- Benefits - Barriers - Solutions

- The Evolution Project platform - Collation - Presentation - Visualisation

- Check out.

Dinner - 6pm

We need to talk, about everything, all of us, and determine where we go.

The Evolution Project is designed to bring this about.

We look forward with open hearts and great excitement to seeing you there.

Location: Muckladh Lodge, Ballingapoge, Aughrim Co Wicklow. Y14RY62

Directions: From Aughrim drive towards The BrookLodge Hotel. Drive past the hotel for 3.5km, you will arrive at a cross roads. Turn left up a mountain road. Muckladh Lodge is on the right after 5.2km.

The Best Possible Future - An Evolution Project Dialogue event image
The Best Possible Future - An Evolution Project Dialogue event image
The Best Possible Future - An Evolution Project Dialogue event image
The Best Possible Future - An Evolution Project Dialogue event image
The Best Possible Future - An Evolution Project Dialogue event image
The Best Possible Future - An Evolution Project Dialogue event image
The Best Possible Future - An Evolution Project Dialogue event image

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