'The Invisible Sorceress' ,'7thSENSE', and 'Exquisite Portraits'

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Three exhibitions of Work by Gemma Browne, Aoife Dunne and a group exhibition by Illustrators Ireland.

About this Event

About this Event

We did not expect to mark our 15th Birthday in such strange circumstances but we are delighted to welcome you back to visit our two fantastic new exhibitions in person! Exhibitions by Aoife Dunne and Gemma Browne are immersive, joyous experiences and we look forward to sharing this with our visitors.

The LAB Gallery is committed to the safety of its staff and visitors. For your viewing comfort and safety we have a booking system in operation. The LAB asks visitors to kindly follow the Covid 19 guidelines we have put in place in the gallery for the benefit of both visitors and staff. Please do not visit the gallery if you have COVID symptoms. We advise that you practice social distancing, good hand hygiene and coughing etiquette whilst at the gallery. Visitors are also asked to wear a face covering/mask.


'The Invisible Sorceress' by Gemma Browne

August 10 - October 24 2020

The LAB Gallery is pleased to present The Invisible Sorceress, an exhibition of drawings and paintings by Gemma Browne made over the past two years. The work suggests the magical powers of females whose efforts are sometimes overlooked, unrewarded, but essential and depended upon. Displayed here as a wall of women, her female figures and sorceresses gather a power and hyper visibility, even from the street outside. Her ornate and energetic work is made with acrylic and coloured pencils on paper and acrylic on canvas with a varied and exuberant palette. A burst of glorious colour, to be read together or as individual stories, their titles, delicately added to the wall in pencil, draw you in further. Though it is impossible not to bring the new lens of our recent lockdown experience when viewing these works, the story of the Invisible Sorceress is not a new one, but it is told with a fresh visibility and vibrancy that ensures it cannot be ignored.

Gemma Browne is an Irish artist born in London in the UK, but based in Dublin. She has exhibited widely in Ireland and internationally and has received many awards including from the Arts Council of Ireland. Recent shows include Kevin Kavanagh Gallery Dublin, Paper Cuts group show at Saatchi Gallery London, SuprEYES at the Lexicon Gallery, Dun Laoghaire, Faces, Places and Spaces at New Art Projects, London, When Supplies Last in Seattle and Got It For Cheap at Agnes B HQ in Paris and at The Hole Gallery, New York City. She has taken part in ARCO Madrid, Athina Athens, Manchester Contemporary and Atlanta Contemporary art fairs.

THE CUBE: LAB Gallery Commission

'7thSENSE' by Aoife Dunne

The LAB Gallery presents 7thSENSE, an immersive, multihued installation by artist Aoife Dunne. This designer of experiences is best known for her inimitable aesthetic and site-specific colourfully chaotic work.

The pre-existing architecture that accommodates Dunne’s work is personally tailored in such a way to provide an extreme sensory experience by manipulating and transforming the physical properties of sound and vision. Aoife’s imaginative compositions are a product of accumulating, arranging, reusing and reworking layers of visual material.

7thSENSE explores the acoustic creation of space. The artist uses new and old electronics, found and distorted audio to create the illusion of spatial movement by designing the sensation of sounds that “move” around the visitor as they engage within the work. With language rooted in post-pop and post-internet, Aoife’s work submerges audiences into phantasmagorical, detail-driven virtual and physical worlds.

Aoife Dunne (b.1995) is an Irish based multi-disciplinary artist and art director, fusing sculpture, video, sound, performance and technology. She graduated with a BA in Fine Art Media from The National College of Art & Design, Dublin (2016). Since embarking on her idiosyncratic career, Dunne’s artistic, individualistic influence has crossed continents with colourful ease; her all-encompassing installations and touring exhibitions include the U.K, France, Italy, Canada and the U.S.A. This award-winning artist is currently working on several upcoming solo shows in Ireland, Puerto Rico & New York.


Exquisite Portraits

Running until October 24 2020

This wonderful exhibition, entitled Exquisite Portraits on display at the Lab Gallery, is the fruit of a project instigated by illustrator, Margaret Anne Suggs, and author, Juliette Saumande, during the period of lockdown. Inspired by a similar venture in France by artist, Nathalie Novi, when everyone was being asked to keep apart and stay at home, Margaret Anne and Juliette, reached out to fellow illustrators and writers to ask them to participate by engaging in the collaborative drawing and writing project. The Cadavre equis [Exquiite Corpse] was invented in Paris in 1925 by the Surrealists, Yves Tanguy, Jacques Prévert, André Breton and Marcel Duchamp who revelled in the element of chance and the absurd in their work. It resulted in intuitive drawings in which each participant takes turns writing or drawing on a sheet of paper, folding it to conceal his or her contribution, and then passing it to the next player for a further contribution. Contemporary artists who have also engaged in this practice, include Jake and Dinos Chapman.

However, Margaret Anne Suggs and Juliette Saumande went a step further and adapted and enriched this concept by asking fellow artists to provide a picture of themselves in confinement and the images and sentences were conjoined to provide a wonderful array of diverse experiences. It is a testament to the innovation, creativity and spirit of collaboration of these artists and writers that their response was so powerful and engaging.

Notwithstanding the fact that social distancing has exerted a great price for those working in the creative field, the work produced during this unprecedented and abrupt shutdown highlights how art can unify and anchor in the midst of turbulent uncertainty. 26 illustrators and 20 writers collaborated to produce the beautiful and intricate works evident in this exhibition. It represents the essence of what creativity is about and also highlights the role of chance in art.

The other exciting strand of the project was the idea to involve children at home by doing a call out to ask them to send in their drawings of nature and wildlife that would be added to the giant frieze as part of its background. When Margaret Anne approached Dublin City Arts Office with the project as part of Cruinniú na nÓg 2020 it seemed that it embodied everything that the national day of creativity for young people is about. We were delighted to support the project and host five video workshops that demonstrated how children could make these drawings at home and then send them in for inclusion. The ultimate aim was for the work to be exhibited so that children could see the end result and that this has come to fruition in this exhibition at the Lab Gallery is a wonderful achievement. To have this exhibition on display in the week that the schools return after a six months hiatus makes it a joyful event to promote. It is an exhibition that children and adults alike will love and will spend time with because there is so much to enjoy, observe and marvel at in terms of the wealth of intricate details and different experiences. Not only will visitors have the opportunity to see the work of the cream of Irish illustrators and writers, those children who sent in their drawings will enjoy spotting their own contribution to the overall piece. Theseworks are truly exquisite and we hope that visitors find it an uplifting experience. Dublin City Arts Office and the Lab Gallery are delighted to partner with Illustrators Ireland, Creative Ireland, Alliance Français, RTE.

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