The Menopause Mentors: Revive your Thrive

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Cork International Hotel

Cork Airport Bus Park

T12 H516 Cork Airport Business Park


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Revive your thrive is an in-person event offering advice, support and connection for women who are menopausal and peri-menopausal.

About this event

Wonderful ladies we are so thrilled to have come together to bring you a live event in the fabulous Cork International Hotel.

We are The Menopause Mentors and have joined forces to offer a half day well-being experience for women who are either in peri-menopause or menopause. This is an area that has been given so little focus and attention and as 100% of 50% of the population are going to experience this in their life it really deserves a lot more support and information.

What to expect on the day:

On Arrival: 12pm

Prosecco reception with time to mingle and chat with other attendees and ourselves.

Speakers take to the stage: See below for information on who we are

Break: Afternoon tea

Speakers continue

Open panel for Q & A

Finish 4pm

What you will get from attending this event:

  • Permission to show up and be seen in a safe and loving space
  • Have a better understanding of how peri/menopause affects you personally
  • A space to re-connect with your deeper self and feel more grounded
  • Get to know your body better and be guided from your inner wisdom more around movement, nourishment and trusting in your own mind.
  • A new network of friends to help and support each other.
  • A revived feeling of well-being and sense of thriving!

About us

Dr Fiona Barry: The Hormone Mentor

A women's health advocate, a Chinese Medicine practitioner, a Ph.D. graduate from UCC, Health Consultant, Life Coach, and an unshakable optimist dedicated to helping you become the best version of yourself.

For as long as I can remember I’ve been fascinated by the human body. Growing up I devoured biology books like my peers devoured fiction. So it’s little wonder that I now run two Health & Wellbeing clinics, specialising in Women’s Health, in my native Cork. I also work as a consultant for Revive Active and I was part of the formulation team for their new super supplement for menopause, Meno Active.Studying Chinese Medicine gave me a true appreciation that to achieve real (and lasting) results you need to treat a person holistically! You cannot separate a person’s physical health from their mental/emotional wellbeing and you cannot separate the person from their environment, ie; their living situation, work life, relationships etc. This is the true meaning of holistic. Because of this I extended my studies and interests in more recent years to include psychology, understanding emotions, and the interplay between trauma and it’s effects on physical health. This lead me to qualify as a QTT (Quantum Thinking Technologies) practitioner a number of months ago.

As well as being a self-confessed nerd I’m a separated Mum of two, a lover of wine (and gin 😉), good food and good company. I love being outside in nature, preferably with the sun shining (I’m solar powered!) and the sea close by. I’m always up for a laugh and I’m quite spontaneous, something my kids appreciated when they were younger but are a tad more dubious about now that they’re teenagers 😆. I have a dirty sense of humour and can be quite irreverent. So as well as being your Hormone Mentor I’m also quite possibly the Mad Mentor 🤣!

I’m looking forward to getting to know you and getting through this menopausal madness together

Fiona 🦋

Orla McAndrew: The Food Mentor

I'm Orla, a 42 year old mom of three relatively young girls and I really had no idea that I was entering into perimenopause already.

I am so not ready for this!! My baby is still only two for God's sake and between pregnancies and setting up my own business in the last few years I really feel I've been riding enough of a hormonal/ emotional roller-coaster without throwing this into the mix!

I'm a firm believer in the idea of food as medicine though so I began researching ways that food can help me through this time. I'm a qualified chef and currently run my own wedding and event catering service so food is an integral part of my life. Feeding people gives me enormous pleasure and I take every opportunity to share nutritious food and recipes with my friends and family. After having three section babies, I developed a particular interest in the gut brain connection. There's a theory that babies born via section are at an immediate disadvantage for not having passed through our natural fauna. Studying this subject has led me to many other discoveries about the power of our microbiome and gut health.

The way I look at it is every bite we eat is either preventing or causing disease and whilst I'm by no means a pillar of virtue I abide by this principle when making MOST of my food choices.

Taking time to actually sit and enjoy my food more regularly has been a massive shift in self care. We all know the story, busy house, busy lives, busy meal times on the go. For me self care focuses around food..what I eat, how I eat and why I eat.

I am here in this space to share recipes, tips, and knowledge around the foods that might help to support us in our journey through menopause. I'm your Food Mentor or "nourishmentor" if you will!

Louise George: The Movement Mentor

I'm Louise and I’m your “Movement Mentor”.

I’m a yoga teacher, counselor, mobility specialist, mum of 2, and self-confessed ‘people-person’. I have a weakness for dark chocolate and red wine, a penchant for kitchen dancing, and a burning desire to build community & create connection.

As someone who struggled a lot with eating disorders in my teens and early twenties my introduction to the world of therapy and personal development came early. So much so, that at the age of 24, I began my training to become a counselor and qualified at age 26.

For the next decade or so I worked full-time as a counselor, traveled a bit, met my husband, and started a family. Then in 2007 my husbands job brought our little family over the water from England to Cork city.At that point in my life slowing down and reconnecting to myself was what I needed the most, so I began attending weekly yoga classes. I found that yoga and movement were almost like a different form of therapy and I soon signed up to do a Yoga Teacher Training.I’ve been teaching yoga now for over 10 years alongside my work as a counselor. I am the proud owner of the Douglas Yoga Center in Cork.

The word Yoga means “union” – of the mind, body, and spirit – and the practice of yoga serves as a really powerful bridge connecting our physical and mental well-being.

As a peri-menopausal woman in her early fifties yoga and movement serves me well. It helps to keep my body strong, mobile, and pain-free, but it also calms my mind, centers me, and brings me a much-needed sense of connection… both to others and myself.I really hope it might do the same for you! 😃

Tracy Geraghty: The Mind Mentor

Hi, my name is Tracy and I am a Transformative Coach or the Mind Mentor in this group.The work that I do centers around a very simple yet profound understanding around where it is that our experience in life is coming from. We all have access to a wisdom and well-being which is innate in everyone of us but sometimes we forget, because we get lost in our thinking. I help the women I work with to reconnect with this, to trust in it and to see how powerful they become when they are guided from within. It is truly transformative and the missing link to living a richer, more fulfilling life. In recent months I have also felt a real nudge to create a space for women to connect and network with each other where we can really let our hair down and be fully true to ourselves. So I started The Women’s Wisdom Circle which is an online group and has members from all over the world showing up and exploring the possibilities of what might happen when we are all thriving and grounded in our beautiful feminine energy together.

My career path has been very varied from Nursing to Medical Sales rep and even a stint as a makeup artist. Coaching came on the back of my own awakening and the process of ‘reclaiming’ myself. It turns out that I am one of those people who needs to learn by experience and learn I did, usually the hard way and usually more than once!!

I am a divorced mom of two teens who fill me with wonder with their own beautiful wisdom, most of the time! I’m originally from Connemara and have always felt that I carry some of that wild energy from the sea and the mountains with me wherever I go. And recently I am really starting to enjoy being in the sea more and more which is all thanks to perimenopause and my increase in body temperature!

Date and time


Cork International Hotel

Cork Airport Bus Park

T12 H516 Cork Airport Business Park


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