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The More Clients Worlwide Event

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The Bloomsbury Hotel

16-22 Great Russell Street



United Kingdom

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A powerful one-day event to get you started on the path to building an amazing lifestyle business from speaking.

About this Event

“You REALLY CAN use speaking to travel the globe, enrol lucrative high-ticket clients and live a first-class lifestyle of freedom. Let me show you how!”

What if it could all happen faster than you dreamed possible?

What if you didn’t have to wait to grow your list?

Or use funnels?

Or any of the other complicated tactics that ask you to wait on your dream?

What if you didn’t have to attend endless networking events, for the chance you might enrol a client or two? What if you could have the authority, the travel and the spotlight you want.

What if you could speak on all kinds of stages, regionally, nationally, and globally, impacting people’s lives, meeting fascinating people and enrolling the perfect, high-paying clients that also makes your business a ball!

Well you can!

And now there’s a powerful one-day live event that can get you started on the path to an amazing globetrotting lifestyle from speaking, without the trial and error, expensive mistakes, and discouraging missteps.

It’s called The More Clients Worldwide Event.

It’s the roadmap I used to go from being a typical struggling entrepreneur to a businesswoman with half-million euro in annual revenue. Traveling to and living in cities like New York, Paris, Amsterdam, Las Vegas, Dublin and London.

Speaking grew my business from a standing start to over six figures in less than 12 months. In fact, I’ve closed over 500k in business just from speaking. For the last three and a half years I have been growing my business and traveling the world speaking on all kinds of stages, and working from my home office in Donegal. With almost no internet at one point, and hours from any cities. I know what's possible even against the odds.

And now I want to share with you STEP-BY-STEP how you too can globetrot and enrol high-ticket clients everywhere you go at this one-of-a-kind event this August in Dublin.

This event is for you if you’re tired of:

Feeling lost in the crowd (even though you know you’re amazing)

Struggling to enrol more clients

Wanting to travel but not knowing how you’ll ever afford to

Learning every tactic and trick and still not getting you the results you want

Spending hours on social media for very little return

This event is for you if would love to break free of the struggle of building your business fast through speaking, but don’t know the first thing about finding and booking speaking gigs or where you can even get started.

Truth is you can start to do this even if you have never spoken on stage before.

I know for a fact there are places all over the country and the world waiting to hear your message - you just need to know where to find them.

So … if you’re finally ready to stop playing small and start growing the kind of business and life you dreamed of when you started out, this is the event you must attend.

My name is Moira Ni Ghallachoir and when I started my business in my hometown of Gweedore in beautiful Donegal, Ireland, just the idea of getting in front of people scared the wits out of me. The truth is, back then I wasn’t the person I am today, and it wasn’t just speaking that used to scare me.

Thinking bigger scared me, asking people to buy from me scared me, people saying no scared me. Finding places to speak felt impossible, and having the money to not only travel but to pay myself as well just felt like a dream that I was fooling myself with.

But do you know what? I worked through it all. I faced it head on, and today it’s a very different story.

I have spoken on stages in over 19 counties in Ireland, and so far this year I have spoken in New York, Philadelphia, Orlando and will soon be speaking again in Paris, Birmingham and possibly Tokyo in 2020!

And the best part is, I get to help successful savvy entrepreneurs build a top-tier income and a globetrotting, first-class lifestyle using free speaking gigs to enrol perfect high-ticket clients.

The bottom line is … you really CAN use your business to fuel your life and change the lives of others.

The only question is:

Are you ready?

If you know it’s time to start thinking WAY bigger about what’s possible in your life and your business, and have WAY more fun doing it, you need to be at this one-of-a-kind event. Because I have got you covered if you do.

This is where you will discover:

How to get crystal clear on your own speaking path

Who you need to become to start living the kind of life you dream of and having the kind of business you dream of

How to travel the world and find the people who need your help while doing it

All you need in order to get started as a speaker

And how to find places to speak nationwide and worldwide even if you’re not an established speaker

But that’s really just the start!

You’re also going to experience a full day with me, and an amazing group of like-minded entrepreneurs who know this is their time to really start getting their message out there in a bigger way, to have a bigger impact, to live a bigger life and see the world at the same time - if you want to.

This is really for those who want to surround themselves with success, expertise and a fun community of feminine powerhouses who’re not only ready to take on the world but together could rule the world! Let’s start with ours. I know you know what I mean. (Men are welcome too)

I personally cannot wait to for this because I know it’s truly amazing what is possible! And, by the end of this event, you’re going to see how possible it is for you, too!


So … are you coming?

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Date and Time


The Bloomsbury Hotel

16-22 Great Russell Street



United Kingdom

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