Traditional Paint and the Use of Colour 1700-1955 - Half-Day Webinar

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This half-day webinar provides a unique opportunity to learn from Patrick Baty, a leading expert in paint history and decorative analysis.

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Led by: Patrick Baty, Historic Paint Consultant

CPD Points: 3.5

Format: Webinar via Zoom

Recording: A recording of the webinar will be made available for a two-week period to all attendees, and to ticket-holders who cannot attend on the day.

Webinar Content

This morning webinar will provide a unique opportunity for an Irish audience to learn about the composition and use of traditional paint from a leading expert in the field.

Historic paint consultant Patrick Baty, one of the most respected international authorities on traditional pigments and their decorative application, will give a rare half-day series of lectures for Irish audience. The morning programme will initially guide attendees through the make-up of traditional paint, including pigments, binders and solutions, and how this influenced the manufacture of paint and the development of colour. The use and application of paint will follow in two in-depth lectures, exploring how technology and fashion influenced decorative conventions, palettes and notions of colour theory in the period spanning 1700-1955 - giving attendees a unique insight into the decoration of the historic interior and exterior elements.


10.00 Welcome & Introduction

10:05 Paint in a Nutshell

1) What paint is – pigment and binder

2) The use of paint – decoration, protection and identity

3) Pigments – sources

Principal pigments in use by the housepainter 1750-1850

Black: Lamp Black, Ivory lack; Blue Black

Blue: Blue Verditer, Indigo, Prussian Blue

Brown: Siennas; Umbers; Vandyke Brown

Green: Verdigris; Green Verditer

Red: Red Lakes; Vermilion; Red Ochres; Red Lead

White: White Lead; Spanish White / Whiting

Yellow: Naples Yellow; Patent Yellow; Chrome Yellow; Yellow Lakes; Yellow Ochre

4) Binders – properties required and oils used

5) Driers – metallic compounds and pigments

6) Thinners

7) Brief introduction to distempers and limewash

11:00 Q&A

11:10 Break

11:20 The Use of Colour ca.1700-1820

1) Decorative conventions of the period

2) How one knows what colours were used

3) The palette of colours used and the hierarchy of colour

12:10 Q&A

12:20 Break

12:30 The Use of Colour ca.1820-1955

1) The nature of the room changed

2) How one knows what colours were used

3) The introduction of new pigments

4) Influence of Goethe

5) Early attempts to standardise colour and the work of natural scientists

6) Notions of colour theory and the effect on decoration

7) Further attempts to standardise colour

8) The introduction and development of the British Standard

9) The decoration of post war primary schools and its effect on paint colours

13:20 Q&A

13:30 Close

Speaker Biography

Patrick Baty is a leading UK-based paint consultant interested in the decoration of historic buildings. His work covers research, paint analysis, colour and technical advice, and colour surveys. Projects have covered a 400-year period and have ranged widely from 18th-century townhouses and modernist buildings to major public and private commissions. He has also worked in the USA.

Patrick lectures on a variety of subjects and has published numerous articles, also contributing to and revising several books on colour and decoration. In 2017 his The Anatomy of Colour was published by Thames & Hudson, who are also publishing his Nature’s Palette in April 2021. He and his wife run the family business Papers and Paints.

Papers and Paints website

The Anatomy of Colour - Purchase Online

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