VSware Admin Refresher + Term Reports & Letter Templates – Athlone - March...

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Radisson Blu Hotel Athlone



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All training events cost €200 ex VAT (€246 inc. VAT) per attendee per day. Your school will be invoiced directly. Cancellations should be made 48 hours in advance to avoid charges.


Overview of the dashboard and its fields (absent without leave etc.)

How to create SMS template (e.g. Absent, Parent teacher meeting, staff meeting etc.)
How to add filtering feature to class /year

Changing a student from absent to late on the dashboard

Entering bulk attendance for a student (e.g. ill, suspended etc.)


Printing labels – (e.g. student labels, family labels, sibling labels etc.)

Printing base class list (1 Ash etc.)

Create labels and list as templates and add that template as a shortcut (so it won’t need to be created again)

Printing teaching group list (e.g. Ms. Burkes 1st year Home Economics etc.)

Print timetable for a particular room (e.g. Computer room etc.)

Print student / teacher timetable)

Access Rights

Adding a new teacher to your system

Removing a teacher from your system
Creating users accounts and resetting passwords
Adding privileges to teachers – what a year head /tutor should have over a non-posted teacher

Creating Exams
Printing exam results

Syncing and what is being synced
Where incoming students for next academic year can be seen

Student Household details

Changing parent phone numbers

Adding second address for a parent (where to add if you do not want it printed for correspondence etc.)

Term Reports / Letter Templates

How to edit an existing term report template (e.g. add an additional DP’s name, change school crest etc.)

How to create a new term report template (e.g. TY report)

How to add additional variables to a new report template – once field has been created in exam for teachers (e.g. print out results from new Effort field)

How to create a letter template and upload to your system (e.g. Proof of attendance letter, Absentee letter etc.)

How to use word variables linked to VSware

How to print a letter for a complete year group (e.g. issue an introduction letter to all 1st years etc.)

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Date and Time


Radisson Blu Hotel Athlone



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