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Water — Sacred Element — A four-week therapeutic soul journey ​

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A creative embodiment and soul centred therapeutic journey exploring the sacred element of water in us and our cellular memory.

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This will be a month long therapeutic journey exploring the sacred element of water. The month of May in the christian tradition is dedicated to Mary, the archetype of the mother. May brings us birth, fertility, abundance, nurturing, all the qualities of the maternal. The sacred element of water connects us to our divine feminine, our creativity, our womb center. For four weeks we will be exploring through creative embodiment and somatic work this sacred element in us which holds the memory of beginnings. We will begin on Wed 5th of May at 8PM and will finish with the full moon on Wed the 26th.

For one month

we will immerse ourselves into the restorative somatic experience of being a body of water.

We will connect with our own fluidity through breath, movement and vibration, as we embody the natural intelligence of fluid, which is to flow, have direction and always follow the path of least resistance.

We will dance our water and enter in contact with other bodies in the space as an invitation to recognise our own fluidity in others.

We will journey into our own cellular memory to make contact with the primordial cell that originated all life and that unites us all, and we will continue to dive into cellular breathing, a deep restorative somatic practice that helps to clear and open a deep quiet space within.

The experience of consciously embodying our fluid body will be processed through image making, open heart sharing and deep listening.

”The cells of the body hold the ‘memory‘ of the evolving states of consciousness which were passed during the individual's early development and also throughout the process of the evolution of the species.” –Linda Hartley


“Marianne's workshops have enabled me to delve inside and expose the light that shines within. The movement classes have allowed me to remember what it feels like to be in the body, to let go and flow with the body, open up to joy, and return to innocence. The Soul Woman circle has been comforting, nurturing, and necessary, especially during the times we're in. Through this work I am building my inner sanctuary, and I am so grateful for these teachings and this online community”💛 — Kate

Relating with each other in Soul Woman is so valuable. It's nurturing that ability to stay with the brokenness, while also connecting into a warm loving strength. I love getting the opportunity to let my body lead, and guide me through its movements. Thank you so much for creating this sacred space, attuning us into our multidimensional self. — Anne Marie

"The workshops that Marianne and Dramatherapy Company provides are like an extraordinarily self-nourishing 5 course meal. There is an immediate sensation of safety and comfort once entering this nourishing, wholesome, sacred and held space. This safe space is built upon, brick by brick, moment by moment, with the most extraordinary patience, talent, care, instinct, therapeutical holding, artistic creativity and talent within Marianne’s facilitation. One and all feel welcome, nourished, heard, seen, loved, and invited to explore what one feels comfortable to explore in a sanctity of play, exploration, and creativity. This multi-faceted form and style of work is very rare in Dublin, like a beacon of light constantly shining out to the World beyond. It is individually rewarding on so many levels, and you will leave with a great sense of self-nourishment and part of an ensemble where each participant and the ensemble is seen. Witnessed. Held. Nourished. Empowered. One partakes in, and with an ensemble, in the true meaning of the word and World." — Michael.

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