Women HillWalking, Rock Climbing, Trail Running - European Week Of Sport

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Celebrating women in Sports; Women Hill-Walking, Women Rock Climbing, Women Trail Running

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Mountaineering Ireland and Women In Sport are inviting women of all ages and abilities to take part in the European Week of Sport.

Join us on the hills and mountains nationwide and celebrate the stunning outdoors at your doorstep. Come and try new activities like hill and trail walking, scrambling, trail running and rock climbing. Bring your friend, take your daughter or your mother. Make new outdoorsy friends and get the taste for the outdoor adventure and healthy lifestyle locally.

When & Where

Enjoy hillwalking, trail running and rock climbing throughout the whole week between the 23 & 30 of September. The activities are running nationwide - we have arranged over 20 activities in over 20 locations around the Island of Ireland to help you access your local mountains and hills. Meet the female outdoor instructors, who will guide you through the first steps of your new outdoor adventure. They will happily share their extensive knowledge about the local areas and their hidden gems.


We offer you a choice of guided hillwalking, guided mountain days, guided scrambling (if you feel up for a little bit of an adventure), guided night walking and stargazing, guided trail running, introduction to rock climbing and bouldering. Learn the basics of navigation using a compass, map and even the stars. Learn about the environment and heritage in your local area. Get tips about landscape photography. Discover the proper technique for footwork while running the trails. Learn how to move on the rock and what gear to use. Learn how to read the weather and never be surprised by it.

Entry Level

All activities are at an entry-level so, do not worry - you are well able for it!

It is FREE

All activities are free so, no excuses! Take the opportunity to try an exciting new sport. Meet other women like you and get inspired by the female instructors.

Find your Local Adventure & click here to see the Full Programme

What gear do I need

For Hillwalking & Scrambling Wear comfortable clothing like you would use for a walk - leggings, tracksuit bottoms, breathable T-Shirt and fleece & an extra warm layer. Be ready for the rain and pack a rain jacket and rain trousers. A hat and gloves might keep you safe from the wind. Wear good sturdy walking shoes or hillwalking boots with woolly or synthetic socks. Have a backpack with water, sandwiches and snacks, coffee, or tea. There is nothing more rewarding than a nice cup of coffee or tea drunk on top of the mountain. Don’t forget to bring face mask and hand sanitiser, and first aid kit with plaster and bandages, personal medicine, inhaler,epipen etc. For the night walk bring a head/hand torch, spare batteries & a camera. You might get some nice shots of the night skies. For the photography walk, bring your camera or a fully charged phone.

In Addition: you can bring an OSI or Harvey map of your local area and a compass if you have one. Bring a whistle but, hopefully, you won’t get lost. Maps and compasses might be supplied by the instructor. Have your phone fully charged. Please, sign the medical & Covid - 19 Participation forms , Duration: 3 - 6 h max, Distance: may vary, from 3 - 13 km

For Rock Climbing Wear comfortable clothing like you would for exercising - leggings, tracksuit bottoms (no jeans!), breathable T-Shirt and fleece. You need to feel comfortable and have a full range of movement. Be ready for the rain and pack a rain jacket and rain trousers. A hat and gloves might keep you safe from the wind. Wear good sturdy walking shoes with good rubber grips. You will be climbing on rock - do not wear hill walking boots as they are too big and too heavy for rock climbing. Don’t forget to pack water, sandwiches and snacks, coffee or tea. Bring your mask, hand sanitiser and first aid kit with some plasters. You might get an occasional scratch while climbing. Don't forget to bring current medication, inhaler, epi pen, etc. Please sign the medical & COVID - 19 Participation forms.

In Addition: you can bring rock climbing shoes if you have them already or very light footwear with rubber soles (plimpsoles pr baseball- type shoes). Have them nice and tight like ballet shoes. They will pack nicely into your backpack. Bring your phone or camera and capture the fun of the rock. Have your phone fully chartered. Duration: 3 – 5 h max

For Trail Running Wear comfortable clothing like leggings, tracksuit bottoms, breathable T-Shirt and fleece. Be ready for the rain and pack a rain jacket & rain trousers. You will be moving fast, so rain trousers may not be appropriate as they could restrict your movement. Wear trail running shoes or sturdy runners. You will be running on durable mountain trails. Bring a hat and gloves in case of the wind. Pack water, sandwiches, or snacks. Do not run out of energy. Bring face mask, hand sanitiser and a small first aid kit with some plasters. Do not forget your personal medication, inhaler, epi pen, etc. Please sign the medical & COVID - 19 Participation forms.

In Addition: bring your step tracker or a fully charged phone. Take lots of pictures during the run. Duration: 2-3 max

Celebrate & Share. Share a photo or video on our social media - tag @Mountaineering Ireland, Sport Ireland & Your Local Sport Partnership (LSP); use #EWOS, #WomenInSportIRE, #BeActive, #WomenHillWalking, #WomenRockClimbing, #WomenTrailRunning, #CantSeeCantBe, #20x20

Meet our partners: Sport Ireland, Sport Ireland Outdoors, the Local Sports Partnerships (LSPs) and Get Ireland Walking. Meet them on the day or follow the links to find out more about the event, trails, and future training opportunities.

We hope that you will discover new sport & passion for life. Your instructors will guide you on the day and give you a lot of information about hillwalking/ mountaineering/ running clubs in your local area. Join the local rock climbing gym. Stay in touch with the course providers. They will give you all the information about training opportunities & upcoming skill courses.

Disclaimer: Mountaineering Ireland recognises that climbing, hillwalking and mountaineering are activities with a danger of personal injury or death. Participants in these activities should be aware of and accept these risks and be responsible for their own actions and involvement.

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