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Bring Your Event to Life

Join hundreds of thousands of event organisers selling tickets and managing registrations on Eventbrite today

Hosting a large or complex event? Call our experts at 1800 937 094 for help getting started.

How it works


Fill in your event details, choose your ticket types, and voilà—your page is ready for action!


Invite people to your event, and reach a new audience with our promotional tools.


Check guest lists, scan tickets and throw a great event without a hitch.

Your one-stop shop

See how easily you can set up, promote and manage every detail of your event with Eventbrite.

  • Fast, easy setup in minutes, not days.

  • Plug event registration on your own website.

  • Promote your event on Facebook and other sites.

Share your expertise

Teach a skill. Host a certification class. Gather enthusiasts for a day. We'll provide you with tools to bring more people to your classroom.

  • Make it easy to register from your own site.

  • Get the word out with invitations and social media.

  • Collect additional info about your participants.

Boost your attendance

Reach more people with social promotion tools and connect with our community of millions of event-goers. Our experienced team, reliable on-site services and ticketing solutions ensure a fun, easy experience for all.

  • Offer multiple ticket options and manage discounts.

  • Sell tickets online and on mobile.

  • Keep your queues moving with fast entry management tools.

Raise awareness

Host an event to raise money for a group or cause. From setup to registration to spreading the word, we're here to help you manage your fundraiser every step of the way.

  • Reach a new network of supporters with social tools.

  • Collect donations online for your event.

Amplify your ticket sales

Set up, manage, and sell out your music events-from intimate shows to multi-day festivals. With our ticketing and entry management services, we'll ensure a fantastic experience for you and your fans.

  • Boost sales with built-in social promotion.

  • Create a reserved seating map and tickets.

  • Scan tickets at the door with reliable tools.

Redefining registration

It's simple to set up, manage and process registrations for conferences of all kinds. Our fast, easy online and mobile checkout experience helps you drive more registrations for your event.

  • Gather attendee info in your registration form.

  • Manage members-only and discount registration rates.

  • No setup fees, monthly fees or contracts.

Game-changing registration

Rely on a streamlined, reliable registration platform for your events. From running races to obstacle challenges to stadium sports, you can customise the registration experience to meet your needs.

  • Boost sales with our simple registration flow.

  • Rain or shine, guaranteed 24/7 support for you.

  • Get instant access to your data, anytime.

Revolutionising political events

From free events like community meetings, rallies, seminars and ceremonies, to fundraising galas and dinners, Eventbrite helps you organise better events and reach more people.

  • Customise your event pages to fit your needs.

  • Build your email database with event attendees.

  • Award-winning platform recognised by political industry leaders.

Bring communities together

Planning a birthday, barbecue or office party? Set up a webpage, send invites, track RSVPs and collect money, all in one place. Save time and stay organised.

  • Publish your event to Facebook in a few clicks.

  • Pull up your guest list on your phone, or print it out.

  • Pay nothing to use Eventbrite for free events.

Save time and do more

Get everything you need to plan, promote and manage your best event yet.

Customise your event page

Design your page, offer multiple ticket options including reserved seating, and add questions to get to know your attendees.

Let attendees pay online

Accept credit and debit cards with Eventbrite's secure payment processor, PayPal, and more. Track sales and refunds all in one place.

Get the word out

Send invitations and emails from your Eventbrite account. Let attendees spread the word with built-in sharing tools on your event page.

Track real-time progress

See who's coming, how much money you've made and stay organised with 24/7 access to your dashboard and reports.

24/7 world-class support

Eventbrite's expert customer team is here to help you and your guests 24 hours a day, every day, to make sure your event runs smoothly.

Manage your guests

Check in your attendees or scan tickets using the free Eventbrite app. Sell tickets and manage orders at your event with Eventbrite Organiser, our free box office app.

It's free to get started

See how easy it is to plan your next great event.

Join our community

Join our colourful community of people hosting unique events around the world.

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Get the most from Eventbrite

Use our tools for free and pay only when you make a sale. It's as simple as that.

Free for free events

Eventbrite is completely free for free events, no matter how big or small your gathering.

Low fees

A small fee is charged when you collect payments, but you can have attendees pay it.

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Get paid

Start collecting money for your event in minutes by selecting a payment option.

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Hosting a large or complex event? Call our experts at 1800 937 094 for help getting started.

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