Terms and conditions: Eventbrite Insiders Program (beta trial)

Membership in the Eventbrite Insiders beta program (“Insiders Program”) is subject to the Eventbrite Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and these additional terms (“Insider Terms”). These Insider Terms supplement (and do not supersede or replace) either the Terms of Service or Privacy Policy, or any other Eventbrite policies.

How it works

Sign-up. The email you use to sign-up for the Insiders Program is the same email you must use when purchasing tickets through Available Channels (defined below) to be eligible for the Program Perks (defined below).

Duration. The Insiders Program will commence on the day you sign up as set forth above and will conclude 3 months following such date (“Insiders Program Term”), unless you cancel earlier as set forth herein. Each month you participate in the Insiders Program is a “Qualifying Month”.

Membership Fee. The fee for the Insiders Program is $4.99 per month (“Membership Fee”). The credit card associated with the email address on your Insiders Program will be charged prior to the end of each of the 3 Qualifying Months that make up your Insiders Program Term, unless you cancel your membership prior to the end of your Insiders Program Term. Your Membership Fee is never refundable. Any early cancellation applies only towards future Qualifying Months.

Available Channels: Program Perks are eligible only for tickets purchased through the desktop or mobile versions of (1) Eventbrite.com or equivalent top level domains (e.g., eventbrite.co.uk, eventbrite.fr) and (2) Eventbrite’s third party distribution partners (e.g. Facebook, Bandsintown) (available Insiders Program purchase locations collectively referred to as “Available Channels”), however, Program Perks are not available through Ticketfly or Ticketscript, unless such tickets are also available for purchase through Available Channels.

Cancelling your membership. To cancel your membership to the Insiders Program prior to its expiration at the end of a Qualifying Month, please email insiders@eventbrite.com at least 3 days prior to the end of a Qualifying Month. We will confirm receipt and administration of your cancellation request, and your membership will automatically expire at the end of your Qualifying Month.

If your billing address is in the United States, by signing up to the Insiders Program, you agree to receive emailed news from Eventbrite to the email address associated with the Insider’s Program membership. You can stop receiving emails at any time by using the ‘unsubscribe’ link in the email footer, or setting your email preferences within your account.

Insiders Program Perks

Becoming an Insider allows for the following Program Perks:

  • 5% off every ticket. For each order you place through Available Channels, Eventbrite will credit you back 5% of each ticket purchase you make at the end of each Qualifying Month.
  • Fully refundable tickets (restrictions apply). At any time before the start of an event, you may seek to return your tickets for a full refund by contacting insiders@eventbrite.com. In order to receive a refund, you must be enrolled in the Insiders Program both at the time of the ticket purchase and also at the time of the refund request. Eventbrite reserves the right to reject a refund request if Eventbrite determines in its sole discretion any misuse of the Insiders Program, fraudulent activity associated with the ticket purchase or refund request, or a violation of our Terms of Service.


Contact. For any inquiries, please contact insiders@eventbrite.com

Eventbrite reserves the right to cancel your membership at anytime or suspend or terminate Eventbrite Insiders at its discretion. Should Eventbrite terminate the Program or your membership to the Program, you will not be charged your Membership for the next Qualifying Month, but you will not receive any refund for any already paid Qualifying Months. We may at our discretion change these Insider Terms or any aspect of the membership. Should we increase our Membership Fee, you will be provided with notice and you will be given the opportunity to cancel your membership prior to the time the Membership Fee increase effective with respect to your membership. Any other change to these Insider Terms is subject to the “Modifications” Section of the Terms of Service.