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How to host your event online

With most of the world unable to gather together in person, Eventbrite has created a full suite of tools and resources to help you bring your community together through online and virtual experiences.

What you do as an event creator matters now more than ever, and we’re here to help with how-to articles, product tips, marketing strategies, and online event inspiration from creators of all types as we navigate this unprecedented time together.

How to set up virtual events

Set up virtual and online events, connect to your favorite streaming services, promote to your target audience, and securely distribute digital links to your content. You’ve got this, and the world can’t wait.


Take your event online

Set your event location to online-only.


Add your digital links

Add your webinar or streaming link to your Eventbrite listing.


Create your tickets

Choose free, paid, or donation ticket types for your online event.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change my event from live to virtual?

    Here's how to change the location of your event from a physical location to online:

    1. Click on your event under "Manage events" in your account.
    2. Go to "Basic info" on your Event Dashboard.
    3. Select the pencil icon next to your event location.
    4. Click on the dropdown "Venue" and select "Online event".
    5. Follow the steps to create a livestream event page.

    There are two extra steps to take when you change your live event to a virtual event.

    1. Communicate the changes to your attendees.
    2. Include the link of the livestream in your email to attendees or send it out at a later time. When you change your location from live to online. Eventbrite won't automatically send the link of the livestream to your attendees.

How do I set up an online-only event?

    To create a brand new online-only event, set the event location to "Online event" on the "Basic Info" page to access your Digital Links tools. Then disable PDF tickets and update the order confirmation with specific details for attendees (e.g., important dates or links to prep materials). Visit the Help Centre for step-by-step details on setting up a new online-only event.

How do I communicate this change to my attendees?

    We recommend you email attendees through Eventbrite to let them know that you're taking your event online and what they can expect from your virtual event.

    NOTE: If you are changing your location from live to online, Eventbrite won’t automatically send the link of the webinar or livestream to your attendees. You can include the link in your email to attendees or send it out at a later time.

How do I choose a webinar or livestream technology partner?

    If you’d like to display your venue’s set up and background — or feature a performer — a video streaming service like Vimeo or Facebook Live is likely most appropriate. 

    Sometimes you’ll need to adopt a tool that prioritises event-goer participation. For this format we recommend Zoom.

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