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Product Updates

We’re improving Eventbrite every day! Here’s what we’ve been up to recently to make things easier for you and help you drive additional sales through Eventbrite's marketplace.

August 2017

Event reports, promotional tools, and attendee information are now easier to access in a condensed, expandable format on the Manage tab.

June 2017

You can now reach more than 140 million active listeners on Spotify through our global integration, which automatically promotes top Eventbrite concerts and music festivals on the popular music streaming app.

Need to issue refunds on the go? You will now see pending refund requests and be able to refund or decline requests directly from the Organiser App on both iOS and Android.

We understand how important event data is to the growth of your events. That’s why we’ve made your event metrics more accessible with the following launches:

>> You now have access to even more information about your event directly from your inbox with improvements to the end of event email.

>> You can now see your most important metrics and easily access popular reports on the updated Event Dashboard.

May 2017

Selling tickets to a sporting event? You can now choose from 13 different playing field options — from football pitches to volleyball courts — in our Reserved Seating Venue Designer.

You can now select from one of four refund policies when creating your event. Buyers will see the refund policy on your event listing, on their order confirmation, and on the My Tickets page.

April 2017

Staying on top of your sales just got a little easier. If you have the Android Organiser app, you’ll now get a push notification when you sell your first ticket to each event.

Bandsintown’s 30 million registered users can now discover Eventbrite shows, purchase tickets, and access their ticket barcodes without ever leaving the Bandsintown app.

March 2017

We know that real-time, easily accessible data is key to improving your marketing and growing your events. That’s why we’ve launched three new and improved Analytics reports:

> A Traffic report that lets you track the number of daily page views to your event listing page, and watch as you attract new potential attendees.

> A Sales Channel report that shows you the source of your ticket buyers, so you can see which traffic is converting into sales.

> A clearer view of sales by ticket type in the Sales Report, so you can see how sales of each ticket are trending and better manage your inventory.

February 2017

Tough to find the time to appreciate what you’ve accomplished as an event organiser? We now make it easier by putting a sales recap in your inbox after each event. (If you like to keep your numbers at your fingertips, check out our Organiser app!)

If you host reserved seating events, your attendees can now pick their seat faster than ever! We’ve removed the section outlines preventing them from seeing available seats across your venue, and dramatically improved load times.

January 2017

You can now create new events from anywhere using our Android Organiser app! That means you can use that idle time on your commute—or waiting for your takeaway—to set up your page, create tickets, and promote via social media.

Organisers placing reserved seats on hold can now create access and discount codes allowing specific individuals to purchase held seats.

Eager to stay on top of your numbers? You can now schedule an automatic daily, weekly, or monthly email with updates on your tickets counts, gross sales, and net sales. To start scheduling, head to “Event Reports”!

December 2016

Send targeted emails to Bandsintown fans based on their favourite artists and city, and promote your shows with our new Bandsintown Promoter extension.

If you host Reserved Seating events, you now have a new and improved dashboard to track sales and holds and add attendees into specific seats—all at faster speeds than ever before.

See all pending refund requests from attendees, and easily accept or decline requests. Attendees can also track the status of their refund request in the Tickets section of their account.

We updated the event dashboard to give you easy access to the most common reports, along with a short description of each report, so you know what’s inside.

November 2016

You can now place reserved seats on hold with the click of a button to “dress the house” or reserve seats for large groups and VIPs.

Navigation updates to the Analytics tool makes it easier for you to gain more insights. Check out the new chart and report of your total ticket sales and quantities sold.

October 2016

Does your organisation have members? Try our new extension, Join It, to sync your member lists with Eventbrite to offer special discounts to members based on their membership type.

You can delete any discount and access codes that you don’t use from the Discount & Access code tool. It’s a great way to keep things organised.

September 2016

You asked, we listened! We updated our event listing design based on your feedback to show your full event image and important event details above the fold on event listings.

The Organiser app is available on Android! You can edit your event from any Android device around the world. Get the app now. See the app in action.

Create larger venue maps quicker and more intuitively than ever with our new Seat Map Designer and maximise your ticket sales with reserved seating.

No coding skills required! SpaceCraft helps you create and manage beautiful, mobile-friendly websites. Event details are automatically imported from Eventbrite to keep your website up-to-date and hassle-free.

When you transfer an attendee’s order from one ticket type or event to another one, we’re now automatically copying over the information they provided on their registration form, so you don’t have to ask them again.

August 2016

We made sure that the Eventbrite ticket form widget that you’ve added to your website to sell tickets adjusts properly to any screen size and device. And you can customise the colour, too!

See events that are more relevant to you on the Eventbrite homepage and event directory — powered by our smart event recommendation engine.

Do attendees ask to join a team or group, after they've registered to participate as an individual in your event? Now they can click on their order on the Tickets page in their Eventbrite account and select the team or group they want to join.

You have the option to charge or not charge the difference in the ticket price cost when attendees transfer from one ticket type to another.

We’re sending friendly email reminders to buy tickets to an event, when you leave your order before completing checkout. Only people logged into their Eventbrite account receive this nudge, nudge.

July 2016

Syncing Salesforce and Eventbrite just got easier with our latest version of EventbriteSync. Get the updated extension.

It’s easier than ever to use discounts to drive ticket sales. Now you can create discount and access codes and apply them across multiple events.

Save time and maximise exposure for your event with our new Event Auto-Publish extension. Specify a date and time for your events to go live automatically.

Know when to expect your next Eventbrite payout, or search for past payouts and details in the new Payouts Summary page.

June 2016

Want to adjust the price of your tickets after you’ve started selling? Now you can make changes easily to help your sales roll in even faster.

Running Facebook, Twitter, Google AdWords or AdRoll campaigns? Now you can track your ad performance for event registrations by adding your tracking pixels on Eventbrite.

Instagram updated their API, so we updated our Instagram integration for Social Stream and Organiser Profile pages.

Do you have a Euro bank account but are collecting some payments in Sterling? Eventbrite Payment Processing can now support these payment preferences.

May 2016

Expand your event’s reach on Facebook’s search and News Feed with our free Facebook Official Events integration.

Need waivers or forms signed by attendees? Skip the paperwork and do it all online with our newest partner, HelloSign.

You can upgrade to the modern event listing design when you copy your past event.

Add special instructions or a custom message on your order confirmation email for each type of ticket.

Get your Eventbrite data in your Google Universal Analytics account, including cross-domain and ecommerce tracking.

Need to send data to your partners, or do you just enjoy manipulating Excel files? Now you can export the data you see in Eventbrite Analytics.

April 2016

Meet Eventbrite Organiser — all the same functionality as Neon, now with a simple, new interface. Track your sales and attendance, scan tickets, check in guests, and sell tickets with your mobile phone or iPad. Get the app.

Everydayhero gives you everything you need to add an online fundraising option to your event.

March 2016

Check out the interactive map or country, city lists in Eventbrite Analytics to see where your event attendees are from.

Select multiple events and filter down to the hour in the Device Sales Summary report to reconcile your box office sales.

February 2016

Need to pay an invoice for Eventbrite services? Use your credit or debit card to pay online.

Queue joins the Eventbrite family. Powerful planning and collaboration tools for venues and promoters — Check!

January 2016

Manage and assign seats to multiple attendees using your seat map for reserved seating events.