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2020 Curates

WELCOME TO 2020CURATES!! “Art, both the makers and the collectors of it, are my passion. I became involved in the business of art because I loved being part of the full circle, meeting artists and exploring where their work comes from and then bringing that art to collectors and seeing them connect with it. To me that is simply magical. Like most magic though it is shrouded in mystery and thereby misconception so I have developed 2020 Curates Creative Careers to change all this. The business of art, from the artist’s studio to the wall the finished work resides on is a journey that should be fun and simple to navigate and with 2020 Curates Creative Careers this will be possible for artists selling their work. Every experience at 2020 Curates will be personal, tailored just for you, filled with all the friendly guidance you need.Please visit the new website and have a look at all the services offered and if you’d like to read more about me and the business and all that’s going on pop over to the blog” Sheelah Moloney, Director & Guide