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Balfolk Dublin

Balfolk - dancing to folk music has been gaining popularity since the 1970’s. The traditional dances come primarily from the French tradition, with additions from all parts of Europe. Although there are similarities, the dances of Balfolk are not the same as the dances danced by traditional groups. Balfolk dances are generally based on simple traditional choreographies and have a simple base, which makes learning the dances easy for everyone. Refined movements are not the main concern, improvisation is more common. Often, the music has modern influences. 
About Balfolk Dublin - We are a group of folk dancing enthusiast from all around the world. We are bored with just going to bars and clubs, listening to the same tunes with the same pint of Guinness. We are following the traditional path of our ancestors. We know, it sounds like some old fashioned bores group but it's not at all !! You can dance Balfolk all around Europe. Now you can also dance Balfolk in Dublin. The idea is to meet people, share dancing skills and have fun. We dance and teach dances mainly from: France (Brittany/Auvergne/Gascony/Poitou), Italy, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Poland, Macedonia, Moldova, Israel, Estonia, Sweden. Beside Balfolk there is also a new wave called " Neo Folk / Neo-Trad " where traditional music meets electronic beats! How cool is that ?! So if you have not been persuaded to try it so far, you should try it now! 

So follow Balfolk Dublin for folk dancing events. No previous experience required. Two left feet are more than welcome too! 

Ten reasons to participate:

1. Dance keeps both the body and the brain active, vital for people of every age. 

2. Dance offers a way to improve strength and flexibility, which helps keeps muscles and joints healthy.

3. Choosing to start a new hobby can help you meet new people and make friends with people who have similar interests.

4. Dance helps you learn about your body, improving your posture and balance. 

5. Taking time out in the day to partake in a hobby can help to reduce stress levels. 

6. Dance can offer insight into other cultures, either through the dance style itself or meeting new people. 

7. Dance can led to new career opportunities, or help build vital communications skills needed in every profession. 

8. Participating in dance can help increase your self esteem and confidence through mastering new skills. 

9. Dance offers a creative outlet for people to express their personalities in a safe environment.

10. Dance is a fun way open up new possibilities, keep healthy and enjoy yourself.

Enough ? So now - dance !! 

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