CBN Ireland

David; I love retail, love supporting and helping like minded people with ideas and tips! But helping others to earn more, achieve more and just BE more is my passion. I always loved a challenge and have faced many over the years! Now, my challenge is helping fellow business owners ride out the current crisis and emerge from it unbowed. My partnership with CBN Creative Business Network and Spear Marketing means I can now offer enhanced expertise and support in so many different areas of business.

Eamonn; I have managed, operated and owned various auctioneering businesses for nearly 40 years. Throughout that time I have come to appreciate the importance of networks and networking in building relationships with my fellow business owners. As a member of BNI for 14 years I have vast experience in supporting and finding opportunities for a wide range of businesses. I am really excited to join CBN Business Network in Ireland at a critical time in Irish business life. Join me and other experienced professionals

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