Courtney Tyler

Courtney Tyler found herself with a growing discontent with the disconnect most of us face in relation to our food supply.​This ​coupled with an interest in learning to use the wild herbs and plants that grow in abundance around us all drove Courtney to focus on and actively practice the above issues.

​Wishing to make changes to her lifestyle, she moved to the country with her son and partner and this enabled her with the opportunity to further explore and deepen her awareness of and connection to nature. Courtney shares an open gratitude for this opportunity. It took some courage for her to leave her previous life as a city based craft worker/ shop-keeper of MayFly in Temple Bar to move to the country and start anew. Courtney now rests assured that this way of life suits her right down to the ground (literally).

She has always had an interest in herbal medicine and is largely self-taught through a growing book addiction and a slightly OCD nature which encourages her to try to make everything under the sun from scratch and to learn by doing. An apprenticeship with Judith Hoad in Donegal only strengthened this desire to learning to live sustainably and to put permaculture principles to work in her environment.

She has a keen interest in preparedness, sustainable living, homesteading, goat-keeping, growing organic food, food preservation and fermentation and the Weston A. Price Foundation diet of natural whole foods prepared well with traditional methods. Learning to take control of our own health through herbs, an unprocessed diet and lifestyle, she feels, are paramount.

She makes her own yogurt, cheese and kefir from her own raw goats’ milk and grows some of her own vegetables and herbs in her garden, many of which she ferments into sauerkraut and kimchi and pickles. Sourdough breads, naturally fermented ginger sodas and kombucha teas are staples in her home. A feisty cockerel named ‘Paco’ and some happy hens provide the house with eggs. She makes herbal products such as syrups, tinctures, oxymels and herbal honeys. She makes her own natural and chemical free soap and beauty products.

Best of all, she teaches half day workshops in these topics from Manus Woods in Glenealy, Wicklow. There’s an outdoor fire pit wooded grove with a long table in a scenic natural setting.

Why not take a break from hectic city living and learn some new skills.

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