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E.I.C.H. Ireland School of Clinical Hypnosis

E.I.C.H. Ireland was set up in 2016 to teach the well known Hypnotherapy course from the Essex Institute of the UK. E.I.C.H. Ireland is owned and run by Laura McDonald, therapist of Eden Wellness, Castlebar. Laura has been a hypnotherapist for 15 years and is based in Kachina and helps with a range of issues including stress management, anxiety, childbirth, confidence issues, self-esteem, trauma, abuse, smoking cessation, habits, fears and phobias and so much more. Such issues are sadly all too common in today's society, and, having seen the power of hypnotherapy and other techniques, Laura is now teaching them to others, so that they too can help others with similar issues.

Laura also runs BWRT Ireland, another therapy modality, and runs training courses in the same. Details can be found here.

For hypnothearpy training details, please visit

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