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EUNiCAS shares a vision of a future of European education where increasing numbers of students cross borders to access undergraduate and postgraduate education. EUNiCAS sees the globalisation of education services reflecting the globalisation trends in other sectors of the economy.

There is currently increasing pressure on the third-level systems in UK and Ireland, as domestic demand outstrips supply of undergraduate places in Ireland or, in England, the cost of an undergraduate education is increasingly being seen as 'unaffordable'.

EUNiCAS. which is in daily contact with EU universities, provides information on alternative routes to undergraduate degrees, taught through English, many at some of Europe's leading universities and universities of applied sciences. Importantly, it also offers a low-cost service [Eur28 registration fee sought from students] that offers advice and support in applying to these universities. EUNiCAS provides vluabable follow-up and backup services to students and their advisors who are attempting to navigate a variety of application systems that are very different from our own and can be confusing and contradictory.

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