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Hi, my name is Jana Kollar. To introduise myself professionally - I am an intuitive artist, intuitive healer, certified counsellor, psychotherapist, Biochemic Medicine practitioner, Reiki Master, a member of the International Reiki Association, Quantum physics searcher, Quantum Healer and a member of the Quantum Healing Organisation.

On the other hand, I'm an ordinary woman, mom, partner, friend, my journey until now was a mixture of different experiences, some of them more spiritual then others, some of very normal life situations, but each of them was for some reason. These reasons that I was discovering after every step with understanding, and what more, with even deeper understanding of how this life is so intelligent, so loving and so fun.

My life until now was, and still is, very rich, and with my never-ending thirst for the answers was partially satisfied, but not completely, I know that I'm still learning and reaching deeper answers, and I know it will never stop.

Here are some experiences, I reached few Certifications and Diploma in some areas of Naturopathy, Psychotherapy, Counselling, Energy work and Quantum physics.

With your permission I would, even if only partially, to show you some parts of this wonderful opportunities which Life offers to us and which are within reach. Jana

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