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Julie Silfverberg, Success Partners

Julie Silfverberg of Success Partners has been working with individauls, business & organisations in the area of Personal & Professional development for more than 20 years. 

Her goal is to make learning and change easier than most people expect so that you can achieve your goals more quickly and without having to struggle. So, many people find they enjoy the experience.

The first NLP training in the south of Ireland was delivered by Julie in 2004. Since that time she has delivered many NLP Practitioner & Master Practitioner programs. She also delivers training in Time Line Brief Therapy and Hypnosis. She has trained people all over Ireland while at the same time supporting their learning through her coaching and facilitative style. She also delivers a range of Applied NLP programs, after all as she says NLP is the 'how' of positive psychology enabling achievement, Emotional Intelligence and performance across a range of disciplines and contexts.

You might be wondering where Julie has got her training: she has taken training all over the world, in the USA, UK and a number of other Eurpoean countries. Traveling to be trained by the best in their field, all the time with the goal of being able to offer the best value possible.

What gets Julie out of bed in the morning is her belief in the potential of every human being and their ability to tap into that potential once they know how. For her the values of curiosity, persistance, resilience, integrity, success, compassion and flourisment are all high on her agenda. She also believes enabling someone create change for the better for themselves, in turn has a knock on effect benefitting and enhancing the lives of others and the ripples continue.

She lives in Kinsale with her husband where she enjoys the sea, good food and the joyful, stimulating and sometimes challenging company of their friends.


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