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Kerry Businesswomens Network

KBN is dedicated to telling new and braver stories – by helping women play a bigger, better and more fulfilling role in their businesses and in society. Whether you’re an entrepreneur carving out your place in business, a corporate player on the fast-track, women keen to get back into business after a career break or simply someone who sometimes feels you’re missing a connection somewhere – you’ll find your place with us. 

Your KBN could be hearing from another member how they overcame a particular business challenge. It could be that incredible feeling of ‘I can do this’ you get, when you share the experiences of a world-class speaker. Perhaps you’ll find it in a new set of skills you get under your belt, through a focused workshop. Or it might simply come from talking with other members and realising you’re not on your own – because we get it!




KBN is one of Ireland’s largest and most influential female networking organisations - focussed on giving you the tools, the environment, the encouragement and the support you need to achieve. We do this through…


  • Giving you the opportunity to come together with like-minded women – to exchange, share, support, learn and care.
  • Creating an invaluable forum for networking, forming new relationships, connections and contacts. It’s about peer support from and partnership with women on the same journey as you.
  • Providing exclusive access to regular workshops on relevant topics – to help you up skill, grow, develop and harness new opportunities.
  • Inspiring, energising and dynamic events that you look really forward to, because you know they’re going to be something really different.
  • Master classes and seminars to enrich you professionally and personally.
  • Adding value all the time through online events, webinars and digital collectives. No matter where you are, you stay connected. 


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