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Kitty Maguire

Kitty Maguire is a curious cat whose offerings include Yocella for men and women, (Yoga to live cello and storytelling.) Red Alchemy - menstrual cycle awareness training, retreats aligning with the celtic calendar, pregnancy release support circles and sacred feminine divine circles. 

Creating compassionate, heart and spirit nourishing practices which are rooted in yin energy to offer time and space for thirsty souls. Playfulness and humour will often make it’s way into the practice along with creativity which is an underlying current that flows through the space that Kitty holds and creates with the students in the circle. 

Brining over twenty years of teaching experiences from a broad variety of work such as Classical Ballet, Personal Training, Ballates Barre, Pilates, Hatha yoga, Womb Yoga, Yin yoga and Yoga for trauma. 

Kitty is currently training with Red School, Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer as part of their Menstruality Leadership Program. She is passionate about bringing awareness of menstruality to schools, people curious about the stages of womanhood and to the yoga & fitness world. Attuning to the cycle and hormonal effects and how these potent stages influence women through exercise, yoga and day-to-day living.

With offering and classes of a slow flowing nature, giving time to connect to the inner and outer seasons and cycles. A strong focus on self awareness, attuning to your inner cycles and slowing down the nervous system to embody the body and spirit so you can come home to yourself. 

Kitty creates nourishing space for her students and encourages individuality, expression and personal growth through yin and yang practices in a light and uplifting environment.

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