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Marketing Society of Ireland

The Marketing Society of Ireland is a central hub for our members, creating a culture for smart marketers to be better equipped and prepared to succeed in today’s business world. We achieve this through three key pillars of the Society.

Thought Leadership

We bring leading marketing experts from Ireland and international markets to our members to discuss and debate the challenges that marketing faces in Ireland.

Exchange of Ideas

Networking is at the heart of our organisation; something that our membership value highly within the Society. In our ever busier working lives, the opportunity to interact with our friends and colleagues in marketing is a vital element of nourishing ourselves and our skills. Each event that we run has specific times to interact, reflect and catch up. From the blackberry break to specific discussion our emphasis is on interaction and sharing.

Applied Knowledge

Our aim to ensure that the value we provide to our members is anchored in applied thinking. Whilst we will challenge our members with the best current thinking in marketing, it always has relevance and application to the day to day work of our members.

‘The Marketing Society provides a forum to keep marketing professionals up-to-date with developments in marketing and market research. Founded in 1970, The Marketing Society of Ireland draws its expertise from the full spectrum of marketing disciplines reflected in its membership. The society is charged with the task of fostering the highest standards in marketing, providing a networking forum and keeping its members up to date with the latest applied thinking in marketing’


The Marketing Society host events with photographers and videographers present.  We encourage photographs and videos to capture and promote our events. ​ If you wish to have a copy of the photograph, please contact us.  If at any time you do not wish your photograph or a video of you to be kept or promoted, please let us know at