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Melanie Taylor

Melanie is a Holistic Life Coach, Reiki & Angelic Healer, Hatha & Yin Yoga Teacher and Children's Meditation teacher who is passionate about teaching, healing, spirituality and connecting with others. Melanie works to empower, encourage and guide her clients to look after their whole selves by first returning within to their heart and soul. She is on a mission to empower her clients and community to live a life of expansion, liberation and deep connection with themselves and others rather than a life of fear, confinement, separation and limitation.

Holding space for others to be seen, heard and supported is always a priority for Melanie when working with coaching or healing clients or during the women's meditation and healing circles she facilitates. In holding space each client can begin their journey within and find the insights, healing and answers they are seeking outside of themselves. 

Connect with Melanie on Instagram or Facebook @Thewhollygrail or her website

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