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MP Psychological Services

Marie Percival is a Therapist at MP Psychological Services (MPPS) which offers psychological interventions and counselling to promote good mental health and psychological wellbeing and to help people learn effective coping skills for common mental health issues such as Anxiety and Depression. In addition to individual short term counselling, MPPS provide Living Well Workshops to inspire, motivate and teach people
how to live a fulfilling life despite experiencing emotional problems. Combining evidence based Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and strategies from Positive Psychology, these workshops will include an educational component to help people understand the physical experience of symptoms of anxiety or depression and to lean self-management strategies for improved psychological wellbeing and quality of life. The primary aim of these workshops is to help people become their own therapist. This workshop is designed for the people who experience anxiety or panic attacks. Or for people who may wish to know more about this technique to help a significant person in their life.
Following the Workshop participants will be able to
• Understand, normalise and address common thoughts about anxiety
• Identify and apply techniques to manage thinking errors and adopt more helpful thoughts, attitudes and beliefs about anxiety
• Understand how your thoughts influence your physical and emotional responses and behaviours
• Identify about your thoughts and behaviours that maintain and exacerbate your anxious symptoms
• Learn specific strategies to reduce or eliminate your anxiety and become your own therapist

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