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Muddy Soul's

About Me

‘My Soul Aim is to Bring you on an Experience that will Change Your Life!’

Hi, there my name is Paul Rooney, from Leitrim, Ireland. Welcome to my page and to Muddy Soul's. I want to invite you to come with me so I can bring you on an unforgettable journey deep into nature. I promise in one day it will change your life. I currently cover any place in Ireland. I want to bring you with me and make you smile and feel something you never felt before.

​Nature is a special and major part of my life. It creates a powerful hunger in me – a hunger for life and a hunger for living my best life. The funny thing about it is it shows me exactly how to do this I just have to be in the middle of it for the magic to happen! Read my blog if you want to know more, I have some amazing stories I want to tell here.

Sorry, there are no upcoming events