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Nigma: Student Developer Community

A series of tech events that aims at keeping computing students up to date on the latest technology stacks and current software trends that are being demanded by employers. We know it can be difficult as a student software developer heading out into industry for the first time, whether that be on your placement or your first graduate job. It can be very intimidating and challenging to filter out what you need to learn, especially when there seems to be a new framework being released every time you go online. (There probably is!) Well, Nigma was created to try and fix this.
We are aiming to bridge the gap between software dev. students in education and the workplace by providing a series of meetups that offers students the opportunity to talk about code, listen to kick ass talks on code and meet other passionate developers that are equally keen to learn about.... well...code. So if you're a student studying a computing related course or have just recently graduated then this is for you. 

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