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Paul McAndrew; School of Religion, Trinity College Dublin; the Institute of Education, Dublin and the Religion Teachers Association of Ireland


Paul McAndrew is a graduate of University College Dublin, the University of Wales and Dublin City University, with degrees in Economics & Politics, a Masters degree in Theology and a graduate diploma in Education respectively. Paul has been teaching Leaving Cert Religion for 14 years and is currently teaching the subject in the Institute of Education, Dublin to over 200 students per week. 

Over the years, more than 25% of his students have attained a grade of 85%. In 2019 Religion exam, the numbers of his students attaining H1's was 3 times the national average and over 75% of his 100 strong class achieved a H3 or higher grade.

Paul has been the main speaking at all of the previous Leaving Cert Religion Revision days. Along with his teaching job, he also travels around the country speaking to religion teachers on techniques and topics to improve their class content and the learning experience of their students. He will be launching the first of 4 new textbooks for the Leaving Cert Religion course in November at this event. This book is called; "A little bit of World Religions".


School of Religion, Trinity College, Dublin

The School of Religion brings together biblical studies, theology, ethics, the cultural study of religion, and conflict and peace studies as independent but interrelated disciplinary fields of study. 

They are offering a BA (Hons) in Religion. This programme recognises the significant role that religion plays in diverse cultural, social and political contexts. Religious world-views, values and symbols play a critical role in shaping cultural norms, traditions and practices.

You can also study Religion with a huge range of other subjects. Please see their website for more details.


The Institute of Education, Dublin

For almost 50 years, the Institute of Education has been the forerunner in educational excellence in Dublin. Each Christmas they hold Christmas Grinds that have been preparing students for their Leaving Certificate and helping them to improve their exam grades. These classes, taught by experienced and skills teachers, are designed for students sitting the Leaving Certificate in June 2020.  

The Institute of Education will have classes in both Leaving Cert Religion written paper and Leaving Cert Religion coursework during it's Christmas Crashcourses week. Paul McAndrew will be teaching both of these classes.


Religion Teachers Association of Ireland

The Religion Teachers Association of Ireland was established in 1992 and has worked since this time to support all those teaching the subject of Religion to both exam & non-exam students in Ireland. This is the second year that they have endorsed this event and see it as a great way to help both students and teachers learn more about this fascinating subject at Leaving Cert exam level.


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