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Pauline Harley and Gaye Moore #TuesdayTalks

 Human Conversations for Business People #HC4BP is coming live to Dublin.

Myself & Gaye Moore #Rise Personal Branding recently collaborated to produce a series of #TuesdayTalks. Due to the phenomenal success of our online video series we are bringing a live event to Dublin on Tuesday the 19th February 2019.

It is a networking event with a difference. We will have a panel of humans behind their businesses who will discuss the challenges they face. We are sure many business owners will be able to relate. There will be true human connections made because of relatability.  

The theme is Human Conversations For Business People #HC4BP

Our vision is to connect the human story behind businesses. We can forget the "why" behind our reasons for taking the brave step into business ownership. We can be afraid to share it. There is nothing to fear.

One story can inspire many others.We can also forget the need to be human.There's so much pressure to succeed.

We juggle so many balls at once. From lead generation, marketing, personal branding, accounts to social media. It can be overwhelming.

In that abyss of business, we forget the human piece. Sharing our stories and challenges is a sign of strength. It reconnects us with our "why". When we speak our truth & share our narratives we enable more self-compassion. We realize we are more capable than we give ourselves credit for.

It helps create a more somatic approach to self-leadership in business that prioritizes humanness.

We look forward to seeing you in Dublin on the 19th of February!

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