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Plato Dublin

PLATO Dublin is Ireland's most successful SME development organisation. It runs a 9-month online Programme to help Owner Managers grow their businesses. It is a not-for-profit, confidential, business-to-business support. Funded by the four LEO offices in Dublin it provides the necessary tools to help you achieve your ambitions.

PLATO offers owner managers a business support forum where they can tackle the challenges and issues of today’s business world. Through a unique partnership with large “parent” companies, PLATO creates a confidential and safe environment where SMEs can benefit from facilitated group learning, business counselling and support so that you acquire the skills necessary to help your business grow and prosper. It provides an environment for owner managers to learn from one another and share their experiences at a monthly meeting for 9 months – facilitated by large company Managers from Ericsson, Nestle, Microsoft, and IBM and Pfizer etc.

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