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Society of St Pius X

We firmly embrace a traditional, Catholic worldview. It seeks to honor the rights of God and to respect and love all his children.

Sadly, many confusing and erroneous ideas have weakened and continue to weaken our modern understanding of the truth. These false teachings draw souls away from God.

Stirred by pity and compassion, we seek to expose the grave dangers such ideas pose to the ultimate happiness both of every individual and of society as a whole.

Who can deny that Catholics in the latter part of the 20th century are confused? A glance at what has happened in the Church over the past 20 years is enough to convince anyone that this is a relatively recent phenomenon. Only a short time ago the path was clearly marked: either one followed it or one did not. One had the Faith—or perhaps had lost it—or had never had it. But he who had it—who had entered the Church through baptism, who had renewed his baptismal promises around the age of 12 and had received the Holy Ghost on the day of his confirmation—such a person knew what he had to believe and what he had to do...

Many today no longer know. They hear all sorts of astonishing statements in the churches, they read things contrary to what was always taught, and doubt has crept into their minds.

We naturally ask, therefore, what brought on this state of things?" (Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, Open Letter to Confused Catholics, chapter 1)