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SSP Women's Programme & women4women

women4women was established in 2011 after a series of workshops for women organised and facilitated by Southside Partnership DLR. We are a non-profit educational and networking group for women with different life experiences and from different cultures. The network aims to promote intercultural understanding and co-operation among women in DLR by providing information and a platform for all women living in the county.

What we do

The women4women network aims to
• provide information and promote a platform for all women living in the county
• promote integration through our regular International Women's Breakfasts and an integration programme.

Together with the Southside Partnership Women's Programme we:

• support women in taking part in the Women and Leadership Programme

• organise networking events to create opportunities for women to meet, share and learn

• offer training, development and capacity building courses

• network,lobby and advocate on local and national level.

women4women network DLR is supported by Southside Partnership Women's Programme and Southside Addressing Violence Effectively (SAVE), is a member of the Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown Public Participation Network, the Southside Partnership Training Network and is also a member of the National Women’s Council of Ireland.

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