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The Ladder Innovation Community

The Ladder is the fastest growing innovation community in Ireland ( and the largest Google Design Sprint community in the world.)

The primary mission of The Ladder is to help communities, cities, enterprise and nations reach the global goals by 2030 through direct action and technology. 


What's our big idea?

The Ladder is an experiment engaging over 1100 innovators, social scientists, community and government leaders.

Here's the big idea. What if we could apply what technology uses to scale globally to mobilize people and solve problems in the community locally?

What if we could map those local issues and opportunities to the 17 Global goals with targets, measurement and reporting to scale impact?

Will this help us reach the global goals? Faster? Better? Together?

 The Ladder runs direct action workshops in its communities across the country with highly evolved frameworks called 'Sprints; to target a specific problem or opportunity in the community that is related to a global goal,  The process ideates, prototypes and tests solutions with real users. The result is data with a roadmap and measured target impact recorded. The roadmap gives the way forward - the execution path to implementing the solution.

This highly tested and structured approach can save months of effort working on the wrong problem or solution to give real usable data for a non-profit, community or innovator to impact at scale and help us reach the SDG goals by 2030.

Our Programmes

1. Sprinting for the Goals
Our community programme mobilizing people to solve problems locally  that map to the global goals. We work on community, non-profit and NGO issues in Sprinting for the Goals with our workshops.

2. Ladder Accelerator
Our cities and enterprise programme to rapidly develop initiaitves, de-risk high impact projects while providing facilitation, training , consulting and product developmen to reach tactical and strategic goals. 

3. Ladder Infinity
Our programme and platform to collaborate, measure, report and fund global goals directly at any level from community to nation.


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