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Up & Coming Athletes

Every young athlete deserves the best chance possible to succeed.

At the moment, the teenage athletes who get access to the resources, coaches, support and education are those who have already reached a certain high standard of performance.

But what about those kids who aren't QUITE there yet? What about those kids who just want to be the very best they can be, however they may not ever compete at a high level? What about the high performance kids who have serious athletic goals who live regionaly and can't always access what is going on in Melbourne or even Geelong?

Maybe they haven't had their growth spurt, maybe they need some specialist coaching or support to overcome an injury or they could simply need more time to develop.

This is where the Up & Coming Athlete services team can help!
Our team of Sports Scientists, Exercise Physiologists, Expert Coaches, Sports Dietitian, Psychologist, Strength and Conditioning Coaches and Allied Health Partners work with youth and adolescents to provide support towards their sports performance goals, wellbeing and long-term health.

We bring the most current techniques and innovative practice from around the world right here to your doorstep, as EVERY young athlete deserves access to the best chance possible to succeed. 
The following values define EVERYTHING we do:
 Inspiration: Inspiring young athletes to be the best they can be, with staff who genuinely care and for their wellbeing and lead from the front
 Leadership: Leading athletes, coaches and clubs to move forward and develop junior sport in a positive direction for the future
 Collaboration: We work for, not against. It takes a village to raise happy, healthy and high performing athletes. We want to increase communication between schools, allied health, club coaches and parents and put an end to young athletes being pulled in multiple directions. 
 Balance: The young athletes are people first, everything else is secondary. Our aim is to work with athletes towards their performance goals and while at the same time valuing their overall health, other commitments and priorities 
 Innovation:  No beating around the bush, we DO do things differently. We are not afraid to speak against conventional thought. Our growth mindset will always see us tweaking our services, learning and implementing new and needed techniques. There is absolutely no doing certain things just because ‘that’s the way it has always been done’
It’s important to note that Up & Coming Athletes works with ALL level of athletes from ANY sport to assist them to reach their full potential. 
You certainly don't need to be a regional, state or national representative; however, you DO need to have a clear focus on where you want to go in your sporting career. 
To us, it's about being the best you can be. Not just on race day or at your major event, but in training and in life.
Not everyone will become an Olympian, but we can ALL strive for excellence, personal bests and being a good ambassador for our respective sports. 
By taking a holistic and long-term view to athlete development, we look forward to helping you reach for your sporting dreams! 
 Keep an eye on this page for our range of parent, coach and athlete workshops throughout the year.


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