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Yoga Beatha

Nourishment – Sustenance – Life
Yoga is both a journey towards and achievement of a state of enlightenment. Yoga is the state where one rests in their true nature of unbounded consciousness. A place where the fluctuations of the mind have been stilled and one is resting in one’s own true nature.
Beatha can be translated from Irish to mean ‘Life’. The word also encompasses the idea of nourishment, sustenance and what means to be alive.
Here at Yoga Beatha we believe Yoga to be a journey towards yourself.
Through the practice of yoga – mindfulness, meditation, breathwork, physical postures, we strive to still the fluctuations of the mind and come to know our own true nature.
This we believe is the secret to living a joyful, thriving, healthy life.
Here at Yoga Beatha we want to create a unique series of ongoing workshops, classes and retreats in the West of Ireland which will explore what it means to be healthy, live a bountiful life and come to know your true self.

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