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Promotion & Advertising — Perfect for Festivals

Eventbrite and Promote are teaming up to allow event organizers to pay for targeted placement on Eventbrite’s homepage and city directory pages in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, London, Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Washington DC. 

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With Promoted Listings powered by Eventbrite and Promote, you can:

  • Create a targeted campaign in minutes. Target event-goers based on location, interest, and search keywords. Eventbrite and Promote will ensure your event listing is only seen by event-goers who are most likely to be interested in your event. Easily toggle between your Promoted Listings campaign performance and overall ticket sales data, to quickly optimize your marketing mix. See screenshots below for step-by-step view.

  • Only pay for the impressions served. To kick-off your campaign, add money to your Promoted Listings account. Your account will be debited as impressions are served ($40 for every 1,000 impressions). If you have any funds left in your account after your campaign wraps up, you can use that money towards your next campaign, or request a refund. No dollar, or impression, wasted!

  • Reach the most active audience event-goers. People who browse and search for events on Eventbrite are social (74% buy tickets for themselves and their friends), frequent (45% buy tickets to an event at least twice/month), and adventurous (50% are likely to attend something new and fresh). Relative to other advertising platforms, Eventbrite’s Promoted Listings gets your event in front of the most active event-going audience.

Promoted Listings does not support repeating events at this time.

  • How to set up Eventbrite’s Promoted Listings to reach more people.
  • How to manage and optimize your Promoted Listings campaigns.
  • Where and how do my Promoted Listings appear.

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