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EventbriteSync for Salesforce

Syncs Attendees

CRM — Perfect for Conferences

**NEW RELEASE V2.2.2 on August 17th, 2016**

Here are five new features now available in EventbriteSync 2.0

  1. New Easy Import

EventbriteSync now easily imports your Eventbrite data, using custom objects that are independent of your existing custom objects and rules. This means you can import data from your events in minutes, without fear of disrupting your existing database or losing your ability to search and report on your Eventbrite data in Salesforce. The simple import saves you time — and you don’t have to be a Salesforce whiz to get the data and reporting you need.

  1. Customize to Your Heart’s Content

Do you love getting under the hood to make your Salesforce data work for you? With the “Import and Process” function in EventbriteSync, you can import your raw Eventbrite data and map it with custom pathways to fit your needs. V2 even includes new additional fields for mapping. Salesforce admins, eat your heart out.

  1. Easily Connect the (Data) Dots

V2 features a brand new custom object called the “order line item” which clearly shows the relationships between attendees, orders, and events directly in Salesforce. You’ll see a more intuitive snapshot of your data at glance, and take actions based on that data more quickly.

  1. Save Time with Delta Sync

Importing data takes time, and the more data you have, the longer you spend twiddling your thumbs waiting for it to load. With the new delta sync feature, you have the option of only syncing new data or data within a custom time frame. Syncing only previously “un-imported” data saves you time and makes it easy to keep your data fresh.

  1. Build Priority, Build Efficiency

Only in Salesforce would a feature be named “cross object person-type matching”. Despite the bewildering name, this feature will save you time by ensuring your data flows properly the first time you sync. It allows you to build a priority order for matching person-type objects between Eventbrite data and Salesforce data. For example, when you import an attendee’s name into Salesforce, you may want to match that name to an existing person-type object, like “lead” or “contact.” This feature allows you to search and match your person-type objects in a certain order — for example, Salesforce might search for a match in your “contacts” first, and if the match isn’t found, it might search in “leads.” This process reduces sync errors, leading to strong database hygiene.

Being able to track and manage your events along with all your other marketing and sales activities saves you time and money. And now, with the latest version of EventbriteSync, it’s easier and more efficient than ever to connect your data to Salesforce.

Click "Get Started" to install in your production environment or the link on the right hand side to install in a sandbox.***

The brand new EventbriteSync app provides a seamless integration between Eventbrite and the leading CRM solution, Salesforce, helping you track and manage your events with all your other marketing, sales, or support activities.

With EventbriteSync, event organizers can:

  • Seamlessly import event data into Salesforce to better track their customers through events and marketing campaigns;
  • Effortlessly sync Eventbrite data with Salesforce through real-time, automated and on-demand functionality;
  • Optimize the app for their specific business processes with custom mapping that allows full control of data between Eventbrite and Salesforce; and
  • Transfer information from Salesforce to Eventbrite, to quickly create events associated with marketing campaigns.
EventbriteSync is a self-service app provided for free. Please refer to the documentation and Help Center articles on the right hand side for self-service support. 

For additional questions, please email: