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Why are you collecting VAT on my events?

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Category: Understanding Eventbrite Fees & Features

Value Added Tax (“VAT”) in the European Union (“EU”) is a tax assessed on the supply of goods and services. Eventbrite is required to collect VAT on the Eventbrite Service Fee from all organisers if their payout country is in the eblink{EU=>}.

NOTE: Consult a tax professional if you have questions about your tax obligations. Eventbrite is unable to offer tax advice.

<h2 id="01">— EU VAT on the Eventbrite Service Fee</h2> <p>Eventbrite is required to charge VAT on our service fee for the use of the Eventbrite ticket service platform, unless you provide us with a verified VAT ID. VAT rates vary between EU countries and ranges from 17-27%.<br><br>We collect your VAT ID for each event rather than for your entire account. You’ll need to enter your VAT ID under Tax Options for each individual event.<br><br>A VAT ID is used to help Eventbrite identify businesses for tax collection purposes.  By providing us with your business registration number, you are establishing a business-to-business (B2B) relationship between you and Eventbrite. This status along with your payout country will determine whether Eventbrite will assess VAT on our service fees. Eventbrite does not require organisers to have a VAT ID. Please consult your local tax authority or tax advisor to determine if you are required to register for a VAT ID.</p> <h2 id="02">— Complete your tax settings</h2> <p>Select an event and click “Tax” (under “Payments &amp; Tax&quot;). Then, answer the question, “Are you a VAT-registered business with a VAT Registration ID?”</p> <ul><li>If you are not a registered business with an VAT Registration ID: Select “No”. Then, Eventbrite will collect and remit VAT.</li><li>If you are a registered business with a VAT Registration ID: Select “Yes”. Enter your valid VAT Registration ID and <a href="" target="_blank">complete your tax settings</a>. Eventbrite won’t collect VAT on the Eventbrite service fee charged to you for using Eventbrite.</li></ul> <h2 id="03">— See collected VAT</h2> <p>To view VAT charged on the Eventbrite Fee for each order, export your Orders report. You&#39;ll see a column labelled &quot;Tax on Eventbrite Fees”. Depending on your payment processor, you can also: </p> <ul><li><a href="" target="_blank">Download an Event Invoice</a>: any Eventbrite fee and applicable VAT charged to you for the event will show as a separate column and line item. The Event Invoice date is the date the invoice was downloaded. It’s best to export the event invoice within 30 days from the event end date. (Eventbrite Payment Processing only)</li><li><a href="" target="_blank">View your monthly invoice</a>: Eventbrite will send an invoice on the first day of each month for fees and applicable taxes incurred in the previous month. (PayPal only)</li></ul> <h2 id="04">— How VAT on Eventbrite fees affects your payouts</h2> <p>Your payouts may be affected depending on how you’ve set up your Eventbrite fees and tax.</p> <ul><li><b>If you pass Eventbrite fees on to attendees (default setting):</b> the VAT is also passed on and you won’t notice any difference in your payout. The VAT amount will be charged on top of Eventbrite fees and paid by the attendee.</li><li><b>If you absorb Eventbrite fees:</b> the tax will also be absorbed. It won’t be paid by the attendee and will reduce your payout.</li></ul> <p> </p>

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