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Set up promotional tracking links

Eventbrite LogoUpdated by Devin W

Eventbrite's tracking links let you see how your advertising campaigns are performing. When you use tracking links, you can see how many people visit that link and buy tickets through it. To get started, go to your Event Dashboard and select "Tracking links" (under "Marketing").

<h2 id="01">1. Go to Manage my events.</h2> <p>Log in to your Eventbrite account and select <a href="" target="_blank">Manage my events</a> from your account menu.</p> <h2 id="02">2. Go to your Event Dashboard.</h2> <p>Click your event to go to your Event Dashboard.</p> <h2 id="03">3. Go to &quot;Tracking links&quot; (under &quot;Marketing&quot;).</h2> <p>If you don&#39;t see this option, make sure the account owner has given you permission to edit tracking links in their <a href="" target="_blank">organization settings</a>.</p> <h2 id="04">4. Create a tracking link.</h2> <p>Enter the name of your tracking link. As you type, you&#39;ll see the unique URL for your tracking link. When you’re done, click <b>Create</b>.</p> <p>If you&#39;ve <a href="" target="_blank">created a custom URL</a> for your event, you&#39;ll see two URLs appear when you create a tracking link. Both URLs will lead visitors to your event page.</p> <p class="text-small l-pad-vert-2 l-pad-hor-2 card l-mar-top-2"><b>TIP:</b> If you <a href="" target="_blank">copy your event</a>, tracking links from your current event will copy to your new event.</p> <h2 id="05">5. Copy and share your tracking link.</h2> <p>Click your tracking link name to see its URL again. You can also copy the link from <b>Quick actions</b>.</p> <p>Once copied, send your tracking link to your marketing partners or use it in your own campaigns.</p> <h2 id="06">6. Review your tracking links.</h2> <p>After you create at least one tracking link, you&#39;ll see the views and sales from each link. Select <b>Quick actions</b> next to a link to:</p> <ul><li>View a report of sales from that tracking link by clicking <b>Attendee report</b>.</li><li>Delete the tracking link by clicking <b>Delete</b>. This option is only available for links without any activity.</li></ul>

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