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Transfer to a different event or ticket type

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Category: Attending an Event

If your event allows transfers, you can transfer between events or tickets. Go to the eblink{Tickets=>} page in your Eventbrite account, select your order, and click "Transfer". Then choose "Change Event" to transfer to a different event hosted by the organiser or "Change Ticket" to transfer to a different ticket (or seat) within the same event.

<h2 id="1">1. Confirm your ticket is eligible to transfer.</h2> <p>Transfers are not available for every event. You can&#39;t transfer if:</p> <ul><li>The organiser does not allow transfers.</li><li>The ticket you want is not available.</li><li>The event has started.</li><li>Your ticket was free.</li></ul> If you don&#39;t see the option to transfer, eblink{contact the event organiser=&gt;} to ask about alternative options. <h2 id="2">2. Go to Tickets.</h2> <p>eblink{Log in=&gt;} and click to expand the account menu (top-right of the page). Then select &quot;Tickets&quot;.</p> <h2 id="3">3. Select your order.</h2> <h2 id="4">4. Click Transfer.</h2> <p>If you see the word “Transfer” next to your details, click to see the transfer options.</p> <ul><li>Change Event: Transfer to a different event managed by the same organiser.</li><li>Change Ticket: Transfer to a different ticket (or seat) in the same event.</li></ul> <h2 id="5">5. Review the Transfer Summary. Then choose &quot;Continue Transfer&quot;.</h2> <p>The transfer summary should reflect your new event, ticket, or seat.</p> <h2 id="6">6. Enter your registration information.</h2> <p>You may have to enter billing information for the price difference and/or fees.</p> <h2 id="7">7. Click &quot;Place Order&quot;.</h2> <p>You&#39;ll receive a new order number, email confirmation, and ticket (for events with .PDF tickets).</p>

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