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Create and send email invitations for your event

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Email is still one of the most effective tools for event promotion. After you publish your event, you can invite up to 2,000 potential attendees per day with email invitations through Eventbrite. You can customize the look of invitations you send, upload contact lists, and view who opened an email or unsubscribed from your mailing list. Go to the Manage page of your event and select "Email Invitations" under "Marketing".

TIP: Check out eblink{Eventbrite's tips and best practices=>} on creating effective email invitations.

NOTE: This article is about classic invitations. This tool is no longer available for all accounts and is only accessible for users who previously had access to it. For information on Eventbrite's new email promotion feature, eblink{learn about Email Campaigns=>}.

<h2 id="01">Create the invitation</h2> <h3 id="01-1">1. Before you start, read the notes below.</h3> <p>☑️ Make sure you publish your event before starting with email invitations.<br><br>☑️ Invitations are sent from &quot;;. Attendees see the Name of Sender next to and any replies are sent to your Reply-To email address, not &quot;;<br><br>☑️ Recipients won’t be able to view anyone else&#39;s email address.<br><br>☑️ If your eblink{invitation limit=&gt;} is lower than 2000 emails per day, check your inbox for an email sent from our Trust and Safety team.<br><br>☑️ Copying and pasting from a third-party source (Microsoft Word, website, etc.) will cause issues with the format of your invitation. This is also true if you&#39;ve copied and pasted text or images into the Event Description section (since text is originally pulled onto your invitation from that section). To prevent formatting issues on your event listing and invitations, enter information directly into the Event Description and Edit Message fields.<br><br>☑️ Make sure your list of contacts doesn&#39;t include more than 2,000 email addresses. If you upload a list of more than 2,000 contacts, the invitations are sent to a random list of recipients. To increase this limit and have more freedom in customizing your invitations, you can sync with the eblink{Mailchimp app=&gt;}.</p> <h3 id="01-2">2. Go to Email Invitations (under Invite &amp; Promote) on your Manage page.</h3> <p>Event creators can log into their Eventbrite account eblink{here=&gt; target=_blank}. Then select your event. Click on &quot;Email Invitations&quot; under &quot;Invite &amp; Promote&quot;. If you haven&#39;t created any invitations yet, you&#39;ll reach the &quot;Create email invitations&quot; page.</p> <p class="text-small l-pad-vert-2 l-pad-hor-2 card l-mar-top-2">PRO TIP: If your event has eblink{multiple dates and times=&gt;}, you can send an invitation for &quot;All Dates&quot; or select a specific event in the Individual Date Selector dropdown at the top of your Manage page. If you select an event date on Manage before you create and send your invitation, attendees will reach that event date by default when they go to your event listing through the invitation. The date also shows in the Subject Line of the email invitation (unless edited).</p> <h3 id="01-3">3. Update the fields above the invitation preview.</h3> <p>Select the fields above the invitation preview to do the following:</p> <ul><li>Invitation Template - choose between &#39;formal&#39; and &#39;modern&#39;</li><li>Name of Sender - update the name of the organizer if needed</li><li>Reply-To - choose the email address that people can reply to</li><li>Subject Line - fill out the subject of the email</li></ul> <h3 id="01-4">4. Select &quot;Customize&quot;.</h3> <p>In the Customize Invitations window, you can decide to show or change:</p> <ul><li>Invitation colors</li><li>eblink{Event logo/image=&gt;}</li><li>Social network sharing buttons (Facebook, Twitter, and/or LinkedIn)</li><li>Salutation (Hello, Hi, Greetings, Dear, or None)</li><li>eblink{Request an RSVP=&gt;} (replaces the &quot;Attend Event&quot; button with &quot;Yes, No, Maybe&quot; options)</li></ul> <h3 id="01-5">5. Select &quot;Edit Message&quot;.</h3> <p>You can customize the text and eblink{add images=&gt;} in this window. Keep in mind:</p> <ol><li>The default message is the text added to your Event Description. It has a 245-character limit, but you can add extra characters to your Email Invitation by clicking &quot;Edit Message&quot;.</li><li>The width of an image can&#39;t exceed 500 pixels. You can adjust this in the Appearance tab just before inserting the image.</li><li>&quot;Update&quot; under &quot;Edit Message&quot; doesn’t save your invitation. To save the invitation for later, you must select &quot;Save as Draft&quot; at the bottom. When you&#39;re ready to continue working on the saved version, select &quot;Email Invitations&quot; and then &quot;Edit&quot; to the right of your &quot;Draft&quot; invitation.</li></ol> <h2 id="02">Add guests to send invites to</h2> <h3 id="02-1">1. Choose &quot;Add Guests&quot; under &quot;Who should come?&quot;</h3> <h3 id="02-2">2. Choose who you&#39;d like to send invitations to.</h3> <p>To select recipients, you can:</p> <ul><li>Import contacts from existing eblink{contact lists=&gt;}</li><li>Add email addresses manually (separate by commas)</li><li>Create an email list from attendees of a past event</li><li>Upload emails from Outlook, Excel or other file (.xlsx, .csv, or .txt files)</li><li>eblink{Import emails from your Gmail or Microsoft Live address book=&gt;}</li></ul> <h3 id="02-3">3. Edit or delete contacts.</h3> <ul><li>Select a guest&#39;s name to edit their contact information</li><li>Delete (multiple) contacts at once by checking the box next to each email address, and then choose &quot;Remove Selected&quot;</li></ul> <h2 id="03">Send and manage your invitations</h2> <h3 id="03-1">1. Select when you&#39;d like to send your email.</h3> <ol><li>Send immediately.</li><li>Send on a specific date/time.</li><li>Send on a date/time in relation to the event start date.</li><li>Save the email invitation as a draft to not send and save it for later.</li></ol> <p class="text-small l-pad-vert-2 l-pad-hor-2 card l-mar-top-2">TIP: Before sending to your guests, send yourself a test invitation using &quot;Send a test invitation to:&quot;. This won&#39;t function as an actual invitation for your event, but will show you how the invitation appears for recipients.</p> <h3 id="03-2">2. Manage previously-sent invitations.</h3> <p>Once you&#39;ve sent your email invitations, you&#39;ll be taken to the &quot;Manage Email Invitations&quot; page where you can eblink{view and manage any email invitations you have sent=&gt;}.</p> <p class="text-small l-pad-vert-2 l-pad-hor-2 card l-mar-top-2">NOTE: Keep your email invitation limit to 2,000 and eblink{review the meaning of each invitation status=&gt;}. Remove any recipients with a bounced, unsubscribed, complaint, or undelivered/blocked status prior to resending your invitation to stay within eblink{Eventbrite&#39;s Terms of Service=&gt;}.</p>

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