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Promote your event with email campaigns

Use email campaigns to notify potential customers about your events. Go to “Manage events” and click “Email campaigns” to get started. Select “New campaign” to set up a new email campaign, or click a sent campaign to see how it’s doing.

NOTE: This article is for email campaigns, Eventbrite’s latest email promotion feature. If you are still using email invitations, eblink{view these steps instead=>}. If you use Eventbrite Music, follow eblink{these steps=>}.

Create a new email campaign

1. Go to “Email campaigns”.

Go to "eblink{Manage events=> target=_blank}" in your account. Then click “Email campaigns”.

2. Click “New campaign”.

Enter the name of your campaign and click “Get started”. Your campaign name won’t be viewable by your subscribers. Then, enter your campaign details and select the event(s) for the campaign. Click “Continue” when you’re ready to move on.

3. Customise your campaign email.

Under “Content”, review the following: • Header — Add an image to grab the subscribers’ attention. • Custom message — Tell your subscribers why they should attend your events. Use the formatting options to adjust the size and style of your text. • Events — Select the three-dot icon to feature an event, add an RSVP option, or remove it. • Organiser info — Add information about your company or organisation. To ensure high deliverability on your emails, some information is required. Under “Style”, customise how your email campaign looks. • Background image — Add an image that appears behind your email content. • Colours — Choose the theme and other colours used. Select “Continue” when you’re satisfied with your email.

4. Schedule or send your email campaign.

To get your campaign ready to send: • Send a test email to up to 10 email addresses at once. Different email services may show your email differently. • Choose at least one subscriber list to send your email campaign. Select “Create new subscriber list” to eblink{create a subscriber lists=>}. If the same user is listed in multiple subscriber lists, they’ll only be sent the email once. You can email up to 2,000 subscribers per day. • Choose when to schedule the email or send it immediately.

5. Check on the status of your campaign.

View your campaign under “Campaigns”. To duplicate a campaign or delete a draft, click the three-dot icon. • Draft — This campaign has not been sent yet. • Scheduled — This campaign is scheduled to send. • Sending — This campaign is currently being sent. • Sent — All emails have been sent on this campaign.

NOTE: Eventbrite’s mail servers send out emails for all organisers in order by send time. If your emails show as “Sending”, they will be sent within a couple of hours.

Review your email campaign.

1. Go to “Email campaigns”.

Go to "eblink{Manage events=> target=_blank}" in your account. Then click “Email campaigns”.

2. Click your email campaign.

The campaign overview gives you a quick view of how well your campaign is doing. Hover over the ⓘ (information) icons for more details.

3. View the delivery report.

The delivery report shows the status of each sent email. • Sent: Eventbrite sent the email but haven’t confirmed it was delivered. • Delivered: Eventbrite confirmed the recipient successfully received the campaign. • Opened: The recipient opened, loaded the images in the email, and viewed your campaign. • Clicked: The recipient clicked a link in the campaign and viewed your event page. • Bounced: The email address was invalid or the recipient’s inbox was full. • Unsubscribed: The recipient unsubscribed. • Complaint: The recipient marked the campaign as spam. • Undeliverable: The attempt to deliver the email campaign was otherwise unsuccessful.

4. View RSVPs.

If you turned on RSVPs, you’ll see your subscribers’ responses under “RSVP responses”.

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