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Which website integration is right for me?

Eventbrite LogoUpdated by Ester M

If you qualify, eblink{use our new embedded checkout=>}. Attendees buy tickets without ever leaving your website. It comes as a button (opens a modal) or an embedded box (displays your ticket types in-line). The button requires little design changes, blends best with your existing branding, and provides a mobile-optimised checkout — even when your website isn't. The embedded modal requires moderate design changes. Checkout will only be mobile-optimised if your website is. eblink{If you don’t qualify=>}, you can use our time-tested, classic widgets. From your website, attendees reach your Eventbrite event listing to complete checkout.

TIP: eblink{Learn how to set up Eventbrite’s website integrations for your events=>}.

PRO TIP: To use our new embedded checkout, your website needs an HTTPS certificate. eblink{Learn more=>}.

<h2 id="1">Embedded checkout options at a glance.</h2>

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