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Video Recording: What Are Ireland’s Festival Trends?


The world of festivals has evolved and grown rapidly across Ireland, becoming almost a right of passage for a younger generation, while catering to an increasingly varied demographic and breadth of tastes.

Today, more people come together to celebrate unique sounds, interests, and passions– from underground hip hop to health & wellness to multi-day outdoor festivals – thanks to the huge array of well targeted, niche events.

What’s more, attendees and fans are enjoying personalised experiences as never before. Organisers are finding new ways to tailor packages and offer exclusive passes that cater to their audience’s growing appetite for customisation and greater choice. Some organisers are even adding new categories to their events (think beer tastings and art exhibits at a music festival), to excite more people and boost attendance.

Technology is also reshaping the industry. Advances in data analytics and wireless technology vastly improve how festivals are planned and managed. Social networks have helped event marketing and promotions, as fans build communities of like-minded friends and share their excitement far and wide.

All of these trends drive significant growth in festivals around Ireland, and it’s not going to slow down anytime soon.

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As part of our monthly event series, called Event Talks, in partnership with Banter we invited experts in the Irish events field to explore the topic of Festival Trends in detail. We recorded the discussion which you can watch for free. The panel was moderated by Irish Times journalist & Banter founder Jim Carroll. On the panel was:

JB – Strategic Director at Modern Green

Hugh Scully – Interlude Festival, Owner at Coppa, RFID & event technology representative



– What RFID technology is and how it is and will shape festivals.

– International festival trends.

– What Ireland’s festival scene needs more of.

– What Ireland’s festival scene needs less of.



  • Tiger Beer for supplying the refreshments for the evening’s talk.

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