As many countries continue to reopen in phases and in-person events resume, we know event creators are eager to start planning on how they can start bringing people together again through live experiences. Before holding an event, it’s imperative that creators effectively communicate the safety measures they’ve taken — informed by Eventbrite’s COVID-19 Safety Playbook for Events — to attendees. Here’s an email template that you can use to share the steps your event has taken to ensure the safety of attendees and event staff.


(Be sure to revise and customise the language to address the specific circumstances of your event.)

Like always, we are taking safety at our event seriously. After careful consideration [Insert text with more details on your decision-making process], we have implemented the following measures to promote the health and wellbeing of attendees and staff:

  • New policies and procedures:
    [Insert text explaining what you’re doing to manage the risk of COVID-19 transmission]
  • How these were determined:
    [Insert text explaining what factors were considered, and with whom you consulted in making your decisions]
  • What’s expected of attendees:
    [Insert text explaining actions attendees must follow, and consequences should they choose not to]

As the situation evolves, so will our approach to keeping you safe. We thank you for your patience and flexibility as we manage this and ask that you check back here for updates.

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